The presidents answered nothing to the “What has the CLP …

Comment on CLP talent hunt for MLAs who can be Ministers by Lizz.

The presidents answered nothing to the “What has the CLP Government done for Alice Springs? What are the five major things?” and “What should they be doing for Alice Springs?”. Correct answer!

Recent Comments by Lizz

Bonanni quits: Mum’s illness needs my full time care.
Taking leave wasn’t an option for Kylie?

Survey: How much do you like Adam Giles?
The man’s personal ambition has crushed the CLP government.
Alice Springs has suffered dearly for this it’s clear to see in the street and in our community.
People who were once friends are divided by the the left right political posturing.
Our community has suffered under his leadership. It needs to end. Political parties no longer serve the needs of Territorians.

‘Revitalised’ mall gets big tick from NT Architecture Awards
For those dissatisfied with the Todd Mall Revitalisation I would suggest taking your grievances up with the Alice Springs Town Council.
The project ran smoothly until it was handed over to the council to manage and simple they botched it and dumped it down and stamped they’re egos all over it, hence it hasn’t quite delivered.
Given a freshen up in council leadership and management in the near future the foundations of a vibrant prosperous mall can be salvaged without too much effort.

Can public art policy deliver common sense?
The issue with the Public Art Advisory board is its imbalance.
It is stacked with councillors who significantly outnumbers the other members.
Another issue is that they are all seemingly closet artists who propose their own ideas of how to spend public art money and this type of discussion waters down the artists’ proposals.
It also seems the small group of public artists in Alice are falling into the pattern of accepting these conditions and it has effected their output.
It may be time to cast the net a bit further and capture some of the better public artist. While you are at, it balance the committee out. A lot of money has been wasted on dumbed down art.

NT Ministers win inaugural Mushroom Award
Honesty and transparency would be considered “negative” words that stand in the way of progress. It’s “positive” to not ask questions about the government’s performance.

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