With all due respect to the input of Ms Lillis …

Comment on CLP talent hunt for MLAs who can be Ministers by Graham Tjilpi Buckley.

With all due respect to the input of Ms Lillis in the interview, for what it is worth, it is arrogance in spades that she needs to acknoweldge, seeing the CLP is on the nose in Central Australia, not supposed disloyalty.
Loyalty can only stretch so far, as the Member for Araluen Robyn Lambley has amply demonstrated. Chief Minister Giles and his sidekick Dave Tollner are joined at the hip when it comes to “boy’s own” tactics.
For example, the absolute shameful behaviour of Dave Tollner on the floor of Parliament some time back when he mimicked Alison Anderson in a derisive manner is clear testimony to this claim.
Robyn Lambley deserves to be commended for the stance she has taken against the leadership of the CLP’s parliamentary wing.
It would not have been easy for her to have taken the action that she has. In my limited dealings with Robyn I find her to be a thoroughly decent person. I would say her description re the character of the Chief Minister is spot on.
I note that in the last couple of days a woman in the Top End who has held the role of CLP president in recent years has resigned from the party, citing dissatisfaction with the parliamentary leadership.
The recent resignations of former MLAs Faye Miller and Jodeen Carney are also telling blows for the credibility of the CLP leadership.
As for Bess Price, she is receiving a ministerial salary. A minister is expected to be in command of their portfolio(s).
When a minister cannot provide an answer to a simple question then obviously public confidence wanes with regard to that particular minister. A minister’s role is more than being a figurehead; you are responsible for policy.

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