It will be great when Mr Davis, as the CLP …

Comment on CLP talent hunt for MLAs who can be Ministers by Graeme Lewis.

It will be great when Mr Davis, as the CLP Vice President, discusses these important internal issues at the Central Council of the Party later this week. After all that is his responsibility.
Hopefully he will open these issues up for general discussion. His allegations, as a Party official, should be made internally, and claims he makes, like “criticism (of the Chief Minister) … that’s probably warranted,” and “you can’t continue to pander to people who can’t do their job,” are important issues raised by a Party Vice President that must be raised by him at Central Council.
That’s his job.
Statehood – “no-one really has any interest in.” Oops! Is that really what Alice Springs people think?

Recent Comments by Graeme Lewis

News to us, say councillors on Anzac Hill development
This government is so out of order on so many issues.
How dare they act so precipitously over such a significant asset of the Alice Springs Council and the ratepayers of the Alice.

Fracking interim report: Two bob each way?
My criticism of your report stands. Report facts or editorialise, but make it plain which it is, for all to see. I submit that you failed to do this.
Same goes for what Richard Bentley has posted. Let’s see fact about “methane escape.”
Does such a statement have validity? If so, was it put to the scientific enquiry?
As for gas supply adding to the CO2 burden, does this guy prefer coal? Or does he want to live without electricity until someone builds enough solar panels that will keep the lights on all night. Dreams!

Fracking interim report: Two bob each way?
The integrity of your reporting is compromised by the inflammatory questions inserted into your “factual” reporting of what is in the interim report. The key statement in the published report, is “to sort fact from fiction.” Regrettably so much fiction has been presented to the enquiry. Mark says “be sure to voice your opinion,” but this enquiry is NOT about opinion, but about real science in the matter of the utilisation of a major resource that is badly needed by our nation.
Come on Erwin, again – report facts. If you want to state your opinion, say so, and use a different banner. “Alice Springs News” should be just that!

Supreme Court – the inside story
This is so sad! Courts are in every way a threatening and uncomfortable place for us ordinary people, and this was a wonderful opportunity to get it right. It is a travesty that professional public servants with all their corporate knowledge could not have given the developer sensible guidelines based on case history, to ensure sound planning principles were applied.

I cannot recall, Giles tells the Royal Commission
Such a disappointing response from someone who, as Chief Minister of the NT, always maintained that he knew it all! Shameful.

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