Good on you, Daniel Davis, for having the balls and …

Comment on CLP talent hunt for MLAs who can be Ministers by Sean.

Good on you, Daniel Davis, for having the balls and calling out the truth. As for Robyn Lambley, I vote yes. For Giles and Tollner I vote absolutely no. They have destroyed the CLP Party and brand in just two years. Disgust and shame.

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Rally racer puts CLP pedal to the metal
One big difference with your comparison, Alex Nelson: Marshall Perron was a man of substance, conviction and credibility who came to leadership through hard work. Adam Giles is not. He’s antics, deception and lack of NT understanding are very telling.

Darwin port: Captain’s call by Giles rocks boat
Giles slurping from a wine glass, a common practice, speaks volumes. If one photo could define the so called man – that would be it.
He thinks it’s all just one big party. Enjoy the wine Giles. Like our patience, and your tenure, it will run out.

Aiming for an events led tourism recovery
Agreed Jason and Phil. Fracking is a very relevant topic for all locals and their town leaders – including those who what to become leaders. So to suggest otherwise is simply ignorant and out of touch.

Demise of Greatorex hastened by MLA’s departure
It says a lot. The town goes backwards in every sense, including population – and electorates, yet we have the “Chief Minister” from here. Go figure?
Could have understood how it happened with Labor in, but no, it’s the CLP’s watch.

Greatorex gets the flick
@ Chalkey Cheese. What you say is true. However, the reason we may never get another Centre based Chief Minister is because of the appalling performance of the current.
To ensure that never happens again, the actual branches have to preselect much better candidates, without the branch stacking to get whom individuals want. Candidates that actually understand the Territory, business and community.
Giles had been here five minutes, had none of these qualities, but worked out the quickest way up was stacking, and off he went.

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