Agree with Fred. Who cares if politics is a “boys’ …

Comment on Survey: How much do you like Adam Giles? by JD.

Agree with Fred. Who cares if politics is a “boys’ club” – as long as we’re seeing results!
I’ve lived in Alice for 20 years and this government seems to be doing more for this town than any previous government.
If Labor get in at the next election I think Alice will be worse off – the Berrimah line will well and truly be back in place.

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NATS benefit to economy open to question
I think you’re forgetting that these people spend thousands of dollars whilst visiting our town.
The hotels and caravan parks are full, restaurants are full, supermarkets and petrol stations do a roaring trade.
It’s not necessarily about numbers through the gate.

Empty Mall shops price war, new IGA likely
This town is NOT dying, tourism is up and the economic outlook is positive.
To those who say the northern end of the mall is dead, how insulting to tenants like Novita Gifts – they have outlasted many businesses in this town, over 20 years and going strong.
One of the coffee shops in the mall has put on an extra staff member to cater for demand.
A local takeaway shop in Todd Street is thriving and several other businesses I know are doing extremely well.
Vacant shops does not equal poor economy – look at the line at the post office … people obviously have money to spend! Find the right product and sell it well, people will come.
Well done Alice Plaza, if IGA and Wicked Kneads move in, what a difference it will make to the CBD.

Injured pensioner cops parking ticket
How are ASTC rangers supposed to know Mr Shiell had an injury? I didn’t realise sports injuries entitled you to a disabled carpark.
He parked in a disabled park without a disabled permit – simple.
Hopefully he can recoup some of the cost after obtaining a medical certificate.

Building height vs economy debate in secret, so far
I believe this 3D flyover was on display at the government stand at the recent Alice Springs Show? Not a big deal. And definitely not a secret!
[ED – yes, it was, according to Gary Nairn, but hardly promoted vigorously. Did you see it? When it was shown to the council last month it was in a secret meeting.]

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