I don’t usually question others comments, but Fred, are you …

Comment on Survey: How much do you like Adam Giles? by Rita Clarke.

I don’t usually question others comments, but Fred, are you a spin doctor for parliament question time?
You started your comments with “the mess inherited by Labor” and finished with “the mess Labor has left us”. Straight out of Hansard.
For the record, I turned against Labor last election and voted CLP. Much to my discontent.
The Independents already have “My full Support”.

Recent Comments by Rita Clarke

Foundation 51: CLP, Electoral Comm. need to lift game
Raking over “old cold coals” eh Erwin! Well, I thank you for your diligent insistence. That a bloody big bonfire has blazed away for a lot of years and many of the old boys’ club who warmed their bums now have burned fingers.Cold Case’ mysteries have always been solved by sifting through the ashes. Keep at them, Ed.

Greatorex gets the flick
It is not a secret that the Current Chief Minister hardly ever resides in Alice Springs but in Darwin and his chances of securing any seat anywhere in the NT becomes more of a 100 to 1 bet every day. 1Territory and Labor, maybe? But watch this space for Red Centre independents to balance the NT Assembley.

Gas, oil industry firmly in minister’s control
We said! She said! This situation is a tangle of how the cat got into the bag in the first instance.
This is not the serial crap on my lawn every night cat, but the colloquialism meaning to “reveal facts previously hidden”.(Wikipedia).
It must be paramount in all disclosures of the “great benefits of gas” as to who will profit?
So far two great gas plants will operate from Darwin harbour and yet the power plants of all NT major towns do not get a drop of even emergency benefit, as agreed by CM Martin, CM Henderson, CM Mills and CM Giles.
Fracking for gas will be the same, nothing for the people of the NT, only the big rollers.

Developing what?
What is the concern with boundaries and door knocking?
CLP won all but Barkly south of Darwin. Did you not listen to your part of the world then?
You certainly have not listened to the northern end or seniors anywhere in the NT when you spruiked out the very first budget.
You want to make amends? Speak up in parliament next week and vote true to the people of NT. Turn the tide of arrogance.

Government water research: a drop in the ocean?
No need for government spending. Just stipulate all fracking drilling has one condition: IF You strike WATER then STOP! No further correspondence entered into.

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