I agree totally. A great community event with a terrific …

Comment on It’s a Territory of variety by Paul Coughlin.

I agree totally. A great community event with a terrific community vibe both in the Todd Mall and on Anzac Oval.
You forgot to mention the awesome skydiver who floated above town carrying a huge territory flag.
Thank you to everyone who contributed to this happy event. Much appreciated.

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Unpredictable, unaligned and undaunted: Cr Eli Melky
Steve Brown,
Would you agree that Councillor Melky saved the Town Council over $100 000 and that would count as a significant contribution to Council?

We need to bring trust back to government: Dale Wakefield
This is off subject.
Ian Sharpe, I am fascinated how you managed to put the words “after you before you” next to each other in one of your sentences … and it still made sense! (Yes, I am easily amused.)

Voting Independent is not a waste of time
A good point, Alex.
Another one is that, regardless of their political affiliations, our politicians, including the Prime Minister, sometimes can be met literally on the street and engaged in discussion by the ordinary person.
Contrast that with some other countries. I still remember when the President of the USA visited Australia.
When his convoy of cars passed over the Sydney Harbour Bridge no other car was allowed on the bridge.
Adjacent streets were also blocked off to make sure that there was no way that any ordinary person could come within cooee of him! I much prefer Australia.

Neglected past to get a bright future
@ John O’Brien: This is from the brochure:
Pitch Ritchi Sanctuary Open Day Saturday 16 April is from 9 till 12 noon. It costs $10 each or $15 family (cash only). Heritage Alice Springs members will lead guided tours of the William Ricketts statues every half hour.

Editor injured in hit and run
Sorry to hear this bad news. I hope you get well soon, Erwin.

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