What is with the racial references? This article is not …

Comment on It’s a Territory of variety by Peter.

What is with the racial references? This article is not only politically incorrect it also highlights very draconian thinking. Very divisive language. Not acceptable.

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Not all is sweet in bush bakery
Can all of those above who consume only low fat, low sugar, bland food and have immaculate health and dietary habits step forward.
What … no one? Seems a little hypocritical and condescending to be preaching to others while you are having you cake and tea mid morning and a coke and pie for lunch.
I may be naïve but I am pretty sure people are not going to base every meal of the day around the bakery.
Education is the key to better health and dietary choices.
A quick glance of the general population would indicate not many of us have taken much notice of all the health messages out there (Australians are one of the most obese nations in the world and that includes all of us).
It seems like another case of “do as I say not do as I do”.

Council and skaters: War and peace
It is pleasing to see the matter is to be raised in a council meeting. I am sure some compromise can be worked out to allow skaters to access the area and accommodate all other users of the mall.

Again: Skater fined for not showing ID – after doing so
So when has questioning a directive been an offence?
I have had a look at the photo above and those boys look a scary bunch don’t they?
I think there is a couple of sub 10 year olds in there. So let me get this straight: If a ranger approaches a minor which most of these kids are and the kid says go away or asks to see the rangers ID they cop a hefty fine?
And if they have a skate board under there arm or in their immediate vicinity they cop another fine?
Really, this is a a bit heavy handed to me. The comment about seeing skateboarders all the time being disrespectful is far too great a generalisation.
Is it that skateboarders are a culture which many do not wish to or fail to understand.
I suggest skateboarders want what all of us wish for, a little breathing space to enjoy their sport. These stereotypes that appear to be held by many do not do skateboarding any favours and demonstrate the ignorance of many. The ridiculous by-laws aside, I thought society was far more inclusive.

Again: Skater fined for not showing ID – after doing so
This by-law of fining people for not producing ID seems an easy way of raising revenue.
The by-law can be applied so arbitrarily without evidence or even without the knowledge of the person receiving the fine.
I hope the many great people who skate and for that matter, all people oppose such practices as unfair and exclusive.
Maybe some conflict resolution training maybe in need for rangers!

A little interruption of the ordinary
This is great stuff. Keep it coming. Street theatre / art adds so much to the culture of the place. Well done to all.

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