William Tilmouth is one of the standout leaders of our …

Comment on Men’s vital role in protecting children by Mike Gillam.

William Tilmouth is one of the standout leaders of our time.

Recent Comments by Mike Gillam

Transport Hall: No details of the cost for appointed manager
Now the politicians, lawyers and doubtless corporate accountants are in control.
Watch the rapid erosion of that 300k in the bank.

Country, people, cultures come together to heal a sick man
Dave Nixon is and always has been a huge and generous contributor to this community.
We were unable to attend on the night but knew it would be well supported; a touching reminder that you reap what you sow.
Thanks to the Alice Springs News et al for transporting us to the event through such heartfelt and vivid reportage. Best, Mike Gillam and Maria Giacon.

Town Council considers $50m art gallery options
Larry is spot on. Some people buy a new house and proceed with caution.
They live in it, understand spaces, analyse form and function for a year or so before making big and irreversible changes.
Fools rush in and start knocking holes in walls.
Optimists in our community naively claimed this new Town Council CEO with a reputation for listening might offer our community a fresh approach to some old disasters. Maybe not.

Top secret ‘master plan’
The tail wags the dog alright. Against local advice Government has been insisting on demolishing Anzac, a perfect youth hub, why?
Months of stress with government running hidden agendas and feeding the community half truths.
Can we believe Town Council knew nothing of these plans and deals?
Demolition of Anzac never made any sense so ordinary people are going to speculate.
Would Minister Eva Lawler behave this way bulldozing public assets in her Palmerston electorate on a whim?
Who knows anymore, maybe they’re going to sell the Anzac land for a big hotel development when facilities for young people is what we really need.

Anzac High: No plans yet for what will replace it
Dear Namatjira Art Collector: I would urge you to delay sending or perhaps simply loan your collection to South Australia in the belief that maybe, just maybe, a future government of the Northern Territory might prove itself worthy of such the gallery project.
A single art gallery to represent many language groups is not the only model.
Who knows, maybe the arts trail being developed could include a modest facility at Hermannsburg and placing your watercolour collection within this environmental and social context would certainly value add the works and empower the people who live there.
Such a facility could function as an annexe of a bigger Alice Springs gallery with curatorial oversight and training of locals during its establishment phase.
If it’s not too late, please think it over.
ALP or CLP, I know it seems Central Australia will always be short-changed by its leaders but I live in hope.
Perhaps this is the price we must pay for living in paradise.

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