Are these the guys who bought the Memo Club? …

Comment on Centrecorp not on Minister Scullion’s radar by Anonymous.

Are these the guys who bought the Memo Club?
It concerns me that Aboriginal corporations are able to make investments into ventures that contribute to social and family issues. Financial benefit to Aboriginal people should not be the only consideration if it is a tax / government funded corporation.

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Survey: How much do you like Adam Giles?
I have worked in the government for a long time. I think Adam has been fantastic in making staff accountable for actions and achieving outcomes. It makes things happen and I think its important to have that attitude influencing our government.
There will always be haters, no matter who is in charge.
I know little about politics but so far working under his direction has been great and for that reason I am supportive of Adam Giles.

Neighbour pitted against neighbour …
I have driven out to these areas and most properties are poorly maintained and are a true eyesore.
I am confused why there is such a big objection to the building or even running a small family business from their home.
Is it loud? Does it interrupt your life in some way? OR is it simply just an objection to how it looks? If so I expect all objecting property owners to take a good look at their own properties and be sure they have been properly maintained.

Keyboard vigilantes
Evelyne Roullet: I appreciate indigenous people were here first but I don’t see all us Caucasions picking up and moving out any time soon. We share the land now and one thing we can all agree on is this behaviour is not acceptable.
The group that “trespassed” on billy goat hill did so only to observe and report. AND WHO IS TO SAY THEY THEMSELVES WERE NOT INDIGENOUS?

Keyboard vigilantes
What the: It was only a matter of time before someone cried racism right? But this isn’t just about skin colour. I am certain they would have a problem with any youth throwing rocks at passing vehicles. It is extremely dangerous.
If their “suspicious loitering” kept our road users safe for one night I applaud them.
You call it harrassing people on the street? WHAT DO YOU CALL THE YOUTHS THROWING ROCKS AT AMBULANCES? That’s a much more violent form of HARRASSMENT.
I have no problems with them monitoring and reporting youth crime. I do agree, however, that the other group threatening violence are going too far.

Cops, cars pelted with rocks
I agree the Easter Football Carnival has impacted poorly on the town.
It is only highlighting the issues that exist within our community. Unfortunately, without accountable parenting the same issues will continue throughout the generations.
While the police are doing a great job apprehending these criminals it’s a very temporary band-aid solution to a long term problem.
Tough policies are needed that support a long term solution.

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