Merwyn, in true Aboriginal style, followed the tradition as his …

Comment on ‘We share the land’ by Evelyne Roullet.

Merwyn, in true Aboriginal style, followed the tradition as his father shown him, with wisdom, humour but his own personality: “The town grew up dancing, and still the dancing is there under the town. Subdivisions spread, but we still keep going. We still have the culture, still sing the song.
“It’s the same story we have from the old people, from the beginning here in the Centre.” (Rubunja 1994)
Yes, the land is THERE for everyone, but let’s not forget that we do not own the land, we belong to it: Ngapartji Ngapartji – meaning reciprocity and co-operation, as it takes two to tango.
@ Henri S: Why only the “lefties” and the “greenies”? The majority of us should take note. You said it “is about time we heard from real Aboriginal people …”
Maybe you have not listened, may be you should start reading the books of those Aborigine writers who have tried to talk to us for quite a long time. (The father of Merwyn is one of them).
We should listen to the voice of Katleen Kemarre Wallace who tells us “Listen, listen well, listen deeply. Let the stories in.”

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‘We share the land’
@ DT: I was merely taking issue “A point or matter of discussion” with Henry S giving an order to Lefties and Greenies: “Lefties, Greenies take note!” that is an order
I am a “Greenie” and I was wondering how he came to his conclusion that only the two above mentioned groups should take note.
In English, there is a difference between should and shall: You shall do what I tell you. (I am commanding / ordering you to do what I tell you to do. Will is also possible here.)
You should do what I tell you. (I am giving you strong advice.) I never give order, it is not in my personality
I take note that your “voice over” represents Henri who cannot speak for himself.

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Well put!

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