I take issue with Evelyne Roullet re Henry’s comment. Henry made …

Comment on ‘We share the land’ by DT.

I take issue with Evelyne Roullet re Henry’s comment.

Henry made the comment that he was pleased to hear the REAL voice of an Aboriginal person, namely the eloquent Mervyn Rubuntja. It should have been left at that, for it is Henry’s considered opinion and he is entitled to it.

Then comes the ‘voice over’ from Evelyne Roullet telling us what we ‘should’ do and think (two ‘shoulds’ in one sentence there Evelyne).

There are two lessons to be learnt here:

1. If Aboriginal people want a favourable outcome in the referendum – be caring and sharing like Mervyn Rubuntja.

2. If not, then continue to allow ‘voice over’ people to speak for you, for what ever words come out of their mouths, will represent what you stand for.

Think carefully upon it.

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Alice solar future needs facts and figures
Fast forward 10 years: South Australia will have nuCLEAR energy as they long ago closed their brown coal production and were buying the same thing from Victoria at a much higher cost than they could produce it for themselves.
Around about the same time the NT will have had nuCLEAR power for a couple of years as well, because solar power hasn’t been perfected and has turned out, not to be free but very, very expensive.
Both states had found that wind turbines were not green but used a lot of energy to produce and never paid for themselves. Not enough energy could be stored following rainy or cloudy weather conditions and so another energy source, brown coal, had be fill the gap.
The clean, cheap gas industry was killed off by a powerful and devious nuCLEAR lobby that, with the help of the watermelon Greens and the anti-working people’s Labor Party, thoroughly conned voters.
Why? Because people simply never understood the difference between the type of fracking in the NT, that does not cause water contamination and the method used in the eastern states which does cause problems.
And last, but not least, because pensioners, low and middle income earners, businesses, work places and just everyone else pulled their hair out and said words like FRACK!! every time they received a power bill which was so expensive that it compromised their standard of living and prevented trips to Bali.
While the concern about fracking in the other states is real and needs to be addressed, it is a red herring (and a great opportunity for the nuke industry to advance at the expensive of OUR cheap gas industry) in the NT to take voters minds off other issues – and hasn’t it done well?

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