Live cattle to China: market breakthrough

p2250-cattle-saleLETTER TO THE EDITOR


Sir – The NT Government welcomes a major breakthrough in live cattle export trade negotiations between Australia and China.


Cattle could be shipped to China within months, following an agreement signed by Federal Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce this week.


Once the agreement is finalised, exporters – including Northern Territory producers – will be able to start working with Chinese importers to implement the Export Supply Chain Assurance System and establish supply chains to meet demand.


This development is a huge shot in the arm for industry and reduces the risk of our live export industry relying on a single market.


The live export trade is worth around $230 million annually to the NT economy.


We’ve all worked hard to bring the live cattle export industry back from the brink of despair following Labor’s catastrophic ban on live exports in 2011.


Willem Westra van Holthe

NT Minister for Primary Industry and Fisheries



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Erwin Chlanda, Editor

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  1. Fred the Philistine
    Posted July 26, 2015 at 12:15 pm

    It will be a good thing, providing the price is right. It is time our agriculture ministers got off their ass and helped primary produces.
    In the past there has been to much emphasis on mining.
    We had russia wanting to take 1,000,000 cattle which was stopped due to the airline disaster in the Ukraine, about which there is still doubt, and we can be less reliant on Indonesia.

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