This is a great opportunity to abolish this totally un-necessary …

Comment on Bonanni quits: Mum’s illness needs my full time care. by Steve.

This is a great opportunity to abolish this totally un-necessary level of government and save the rate payers a fortune.

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Furore over hospital tender
Every time an interstate construction company has done major work to our hospital it has been a stuff up that has had to be fixed by the locals.
Surely its time to let the locals have a go at stuffing it up first and then another local can fix it! (ha ha)

Self help not part of the welfare mantra
Well said Fred. 30 years I have lived in Alice and nothing has changed.
It’s always someone else’s fault and the only thing to fix it is more money.
Responsibility starts at home.

Blockies fight planning bid: Town could be next
We have commercial and industrial areas in town that should be used for this purpose. The intention of the regulations was to protect people who wanted to live a rural lifestyle. They should not be subjected to this inconvenience because the government won’t apply the rules.

Overpass: $24m white elephant
Would it perhaps have something to do with the salt mine south of town and the rare earths mine to our north. Mining trains are far longer than normal rail so an over pass may be required.

Funding cuts hurt Alice: Chamber of Commerce survey
Apparently there were over 2400 programs operating and fewer than 50% re-applied for funding.
And of those that did re-apply many of them were late with their submissions.
I wonder how many of our local organisations were late or just didn’t bother submitting their requests and are now complaining.
It will impact on the whole community but it is tax payers money and must be used in a responsible manner.

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