I am Terri’s sister and a nurse and quite frankly …

Comment on Bonanni quits: Mum’s illness needs my full time care. by Judy Miller.

I am Terri’s sister and a nurse and quite frankly appalled by Joel Olzomer’s self-righteous reply.
What do you think would happen to the country if everyone took time off because of sick parents?
I was nursing other people’s sick parents when our mother was old and ill. Both Terri and I spent as much time as we could with her and still feel sad we couldn’t have more time with our loved mum.
But by your rigid rules Joel, we would have to give up our jobs, our responsibility to our families and the community just to demonstrate our “humanity”. But is that really likely to happen in this day and age of mortgages, kids’ school fees and endless bills?
Kylie could have taken leave but she didn’t. I’m sorry I voted for her.

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