Judy, please don’t confuse empathy with self righteousness. I was …

Comment on Bonanni quits: Mum’s illness needs my full time care. by Joel Olzomer.

Judy, please don’t confuse empathy with self righteousness. I was simply stating there is no need to begrudge someone who is fortunate enough to be able to prioritise a personal matter over the every day trappings of 9-5 life.
And to be fair, I suspect many councillors are a little disillusioned in Alice Springs Town Council.
It’s a thankless role, and one that quite undemocratically was extended out by 18 months by the powers that be.

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Bonanni quits: Mum’s illness needs my full time care.
Terri: What a sad and uncompassionate point of view. I, along with most of the community I suspect, surely hope that her vacancy is filled by someone with a little more humanity then what you display.

Bonanni quits: Mum’s illness needs my full time care.
Also, it should be said, Kylie: I think you did an excellent job – thanks!

Bonanni quits: Mum’s illness needs my full time care.
Steve: This level of Government has tremendous potential to serve the electorate as they are the closest connected to the people. Unfortunately, Alice Springs Town Council at times limit themselves to “Roads and Rubbish” and often forget the equally important responsibility; “Representation.” The council needs to look deeply at how they can effectively lobby for the benefit of their electorate to higher levels of Governments.

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Fracking probe head rejects suggestion advisors may be compromised
The standard tender assessment weighting of cost, local development etc. offers very little opportunity to consider conflict of interest; real or perceived.
Would it not be in a company’s interest, who seeks to gain through future fracking related works to in fact buy the opportunity to help steer the direction and the tone of the “independent” study?

Boardwalk now a permanent blight on the landscape
Driving past this every day to and from home, I am rather disappointed by how this stands out on the landscape.
A building can never be truly beautiful compared to nature, the best we can aim for is to do nature justice. Clearly we have failed.
On a side note, I wonder if dogs can be walked over the steel structures or will their feet get stuck?

Census: Tell them you’re Indigenous, says academic
The issue could easily be avoided by removing ethnicity as a prerequisite to benefiting from certain Government policies.
A far fairer and less easily scammed approach would be to implement policy and welfare type assistance based upon one’s individuals circumstances.
A homeless or unemployed white person is no more or no less deserving of Government funded assistance than an Indigenous person.
Certainly the rate of occurrence of a particular disadvantage may be higher in certain ethnicities, but it in itself is not the cause.
By seeking to rectify the disadvantage through racial profiling it can be expected that many people outside of the ethnic group in need may go without and many people without need inside the ethnic group may undeservedly benefit.
I have regularly spoken out against the CLP Governments Indigenous Employment Provisional Sum policy – as per all ethnic based approaches it is open to scamming and wasting of tax dollars. The NT government is currently, unwittingly (a regular occurrence for an unwitting government), incentivizing NT business to recruit Fly In Fly Out workers if they tick the “indigenous box” as the workforce the NT Government is pushing for simply does not exist. Certainly a disappointing outcome for the local unemployed.
With the above in mind, I cannot help but agree with Rolf Gerritsen’s point of view. Not so much to ensure the NT gets its fair share, but rather to overburden the current system to such a point that ethnicity is no longer a measurement of requirement.
In a shrinking, globalised world, it would be a far fairer place if we stopped legislating and measuring things on a persons colour, religion, gender etc.
Case in point, Gay marriage would not exist as the current political headache – instead it would simply be marriage of two individuals.

Youth detention Royal Commission ‘compromised’
Steve, it seems to me you have hitched your cart to a horse with no legs.
If you are elected, then you will most likely be in Opposition. An Opposition of only a few seats is certainly less useful than a non-party bound, open to negotiation type of Independent.
If CLP somehow manages to form Government, then the party will again be held to ransom by the dictatorial leadership of Giles and Co. He cannot be rolled unless the CLP is willing to forgo a small block of allies and lose the numbers to govern.
This was seen when he was challenged. Though in fairness, Giles did us a favour in this instance and saved the good people of the NT from Willem.
I am unaware of where Labor has vowed to maintain and expand the IEPS policy. I would be interested to see this. Given that the policies has had the industry up in arms, it is disappointing the Government has gone and spent close to $100,000 to review it. I don’t suspect much value can come from reviewing an ill-conceived, head in the clouds, junk of a policy. I am sure you have heard the saying about polishing a turd.
Besides, I am confident that the very decent sitting independent, Robyn Lambley, in your seat, where I also live, will be returned. This election is the election of independents.
This is not something I am particularly frightened of, as the current two party politics seems to be failing at all levels of late.
Steve, you mention that it is important to negotiate and work with the party of likeminded people. I read this as “if you can’t beat them, join them”.
The reality is, the CLP Government has lost touch with the CLP membership. The CLP minority Government no longer knows who they are, to the extent that they have even implemented policy which can only be described as extreme socialism and has lost any credentials of economic management and understanding along the way.
The CLP party should have cut out the dead wood and endorsed fresh blood of good character. Giles in no way represents the future of the CLP. It is incredible to think that a sitting CLP Chief Minister from Alice Springs has in fact become a detriment to future party fortunes.
Regarding my level of “madness” that a long term resident could ever vote outside of CLP, yes I was around four years ago, being of the fifth generation of my family to call the NT home.
I have a fair understanding and investment in my community. I guess that means I have even been here substantially longer than your Chief, Adam Giles, the eastern seaboard blow in.
There is no denying that the Labor government became stale and lost its way in its dying years under Henderson. However, the same can be said of CLP in the final years of its rule under Denis Burke.
Looking forward to polling day – ABC election coverage will be an interesting evening in!

Youth detention Royal Commission ‘compromised’
There are two types of racist laws and/or policies on display in the NT, those racist by design and those racist in implementation. The CLP can be proud of introducing both types.
If we look at racist by design: The CLP is responsible for the Indigenous Employment Provisional Sum and Remote Contracting Policies.
What these policies seek to do is to make it uneconomical to employ anyone who does not “identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander”.
The Giles led minority CLP government achieves this by reimbursing the wages of anyone who identifies as being indigenous (even if they are FIFO) – thereby making all non indigenous people compete against a free work force. These policies are further compounded by demonstrably disregarding procurement policies and awarding NT government tenders to untested and inexperienced businesses who have some type of far flung claim of having an indigenous ownership structure.
Then there is racist by implementation. I am sure we have all been greeted by a smile by the police at the bottlo only to see the Aboriginal person after us being stopped for a interrogation session.
On the one occasion I was asked where I intended to drink the alcohol I was about to purchase (well done to that Kiwi copper for applying the absurd laws equally) I flat out denied to reveal that.
I would argue that all day long, as I believe it is my right, my civil liberty, to purchase a legal product without revealing my future movements with the police.
Apparently I was too much hard work and had too great an understanding of the legislation that the police officer gave up.
Aboriginal people however rarely have the same success and are unaware for instance that, even if they live in a declared area / house / town camp, they could simply say they intend to have a drink at the Telegraph Station.
I believe laws and policies should not just be judged on their results, but also by their principle. What good is law and order if you’re living down the barrel of a gun? This is Australia, not China.
So Janet, it is surprising that Steve Brown would run for a Government that has such racism embedded in it. Steve did for a while stand up against my first example of racist procurement policies, but, rather out of character, he has since gone eerily silent on it.
Given that Steve Brown’s second favorite word is “egalitarian” it strikes me as strange that he is running for the dead and buried CLP.

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