Cakes, chutney and preserves bonanza

p2263-Old-TimersBy ERWIN CHLANDA


The plants have taken a bit of a hammering from the cold weather but that’s more than made up by spectacular cakes, and an array of home made chutneys and preserves.


Those are the stalls to which the crowd will rush when the gates open at 11am tomorrow for the annual Old Timers fete.


So says Director of Nursing Mary Miles pictured today with Inghof, from the School of Hospitality, donating “these wonderful cream cakes for the cake stall”.


The auction, for which some very good furniture has been donated, will start at noon, she says.


Business is also bound to be brisk at the white elephant stall, the “much loved junk” corner and the book tables “despite the Kindles”.


The wolf will be kept from the door by 11 food stalls run by service clubs and community groups.


How many people attend usually? “Thousands,” says Ms Miles. “We don’t count them.”



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Erwin Chlanda, Editor

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