Yes Local, the problem being that the many interstate employees …

Comment on Little kids big losers by Jamie.

Yes Local, the problem being that the many interstate employees don’t understand how to make community organisations work.
For example, they thought that just because communities say they want local employment means that the local Aboriginal staff will perform their jobs and regularly turn up for work.
Absenteeism in the centres has been running at a very high rate, while salaries have continued to be paid.
Yes, there have been plenty of “cultural” reasons for the 15 staff not turning up for months on end but at the end of the day the child care service has not delivered.
Close them down and start again is not such a bad idea.

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Little kids big losers
Also worth considering that bringing in another provider makes a lot more sense if the three MacDonnell Council centres were included.
They suffer the same problems, are equally dysfunctional; and two of the three have not even run for months.
Six childcare centres under new management is well worth trying.

Little kids big losers
To the contrary, the Government is interested in evidence based practice which is why they reduced funding.
The Government doesn’t and shouldn’t fund initiatives that have poor outcomes.
The evidence at hand is that the communities wanted this initiative and opted for centres that would maximise local employment opportunities.
Government agencies listened and complied.
Having spent $4 million on building the centres and then employing 15 local staff to run them (that’s five staff per centre) the centres have not operated effectively.
Worker absenteeism has been very high, a child care service has not been provided.
Furniture and other items belonging to the centres have gone missing.
The Nyirripi centre shows signs of vandalism.
Now the council wants to employ coordinators at even more expense to try to get the centres working properly.
The council consulted and came up with the current model, now they find it doesn’t work and they want Government to bail them out.
There is no evidence the coordinator model they propose will work, or even that the coordinator positions can be filled.
The MacDonnell Shire has been advertising similar positions for months but centres in Papunya, Liebig and Kintore remain shut.
When these centres have run the coordinator have needed to do far more than help train, supervise and support the local staff.
Most coordinators have not stayed in the positions for long.
How child care centres on remote communities can operate effectively is a work in progress but not one that the Government can or should endlessly support.

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