Will Cathryn Hutton confirm the Central Desert Regional Council operates …

Comment on Little kids big losers by Paul Parker.

Will Cathryn Hutton confirm the Central Desert Regional Council operates these facilities with conventional valid leases obtained from the relevant ALRNT Land Trusts?
Criminal damage needs be a police matter.
Education and Health services in these communities need work together to provide child care services also requiring non-worker parent involvement, with such involvement used to satisfy Centrelink work tests.
Are failures to accept employment, failure to work, or terminations, reported to Centrelink for Centrelink to address?
What does Centrelink do?
What efforts are there to employ others to replace non-attendees?
IF these facilities are properly leased from ALRNT private land-owners, what other purposes can these leases be used for?
Many local government councils appear still without valid leases for “their” operating facilities in similar communities.
Without valid leases it is difficult to properly manage and operate businesses.
Can Senator Nigel Scullion confirm all the ALRNT local government council facilities now possess valid lease agreements with their relevant ALRNT Land Trusts?

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Government fails bush on health, police: McConnell
Government(s) fail on more than health, with reduced services not just an NT problem.
Related issues effect most Australian regional and rural communities.
Regional and rural Australians suspect ongoing reductions of services to their communities result from purported government(s) efficiency “money saving” policies.
Are all communities entitled to same levels of service?
Do all understand relationships between population levels and services available?
Are services allocated using population per square kilometre?
Are services provided using distance from major service township ?
Do aircraft transfers provide services cheaper, more effectively, than local services?

Who pays the bills ?

‘Cop will be labelled for the rest of his life as a blackfeller killer’
I am puzzled by comments from the Central Land Council (CLC) CEO Joe Martin-Jard and CLC deputy chair Barbara Shaw.
Are they each claiming NT Coroner hearings are not independent, fully transparent and thorough?

‘Cop will be labelled for the rest of his life as a blackfeller killer’
Re: Chris Slater, posted November 10, 2019 at 8:23pm:
“The stark reality is the risk is always there and officers are forced to make a split-second decision about how to respond, to protect themselves and others.”
I agree.
In life we all may at times be forced to make such split-second decisions.
If accurate the deceased resisted arrest, using a knife, the entire NT community needs address why so many fail to understand how making such decisions increases danger to themselves and others.
Now the investigations, particularly the inquest, which is a court hearing, need time to collect all available, at times conflicting evidence, time to consider then determine relevant facts, which will be released in the Coroner’s findings.
Coroner hearings and their findings are open to the public.

Rock climb closure: total government control of media
As Winston realised, the government is narrowing the range of “acceptable” thinking.

Government electricity firm in trouble as solar booms
I would be interesting to know the number of houses and buildings with solar power systems which
(a) did NOT keep their electricity on,
(b) kept their electricity on.
Does any know the numbers?

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