Big Congratulations to the Full Pop Stop Girls! and everyone …

Comment on Four ‘pop ups’ in line for the mall by Chansey Paech.

Big Congratulations to the Full Pop Stop Girls! and everyone else who is embracing the pop up shops, I can’t wait to see how these spaces look!

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Cr Paech: Alice needs boost not blame from Giles
Just to address the concerns raised below. Firstly, these comments were raised in my capacity as an Alice Springs Town councillor, not as an employee of Senator Nova Peris.
As an elected member I have always said I will stand up for Alice Springs – that is why I stood for council. I have been approached by many local businesses who have told me they are hurting and they are appalled at the lack of interest and action from the NT Government.
The Chief Minister and Treasurer’s refusal to address the council’s concerns about the lack of development in Alice Springs concerns me as a councillor and as a resident. I won’t be gagged on speaking up about issues that affect my town because some people don’t agree with my personal politics.

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