Minister Chandler wants to introduce “electronic monitoring devices” to assist …

Comment on Temporary Beat Locations – stop the political games by Phil Walcott.

Minister Chandler wants to introduce “electronic monitoring devices” to assist with limiting alcohol supply. Hello??? That’s what the BDR was for! And that mob threw it out without any evidence that “it wasn’t working”. Why spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on “new” devices?
Just pull and re-connect the mothballed BDR scanners. Stop playing politics and stop wasting $$$ when there are already resources that can achieve the aim.
It was long said that a full “suite of measures” was required to help address the issues around alcohol consumption levels and the concomitant negative behaviour.
It’s not rocket science that a few good, solid measures placed strategically around the community can achieve the desired outcomes.
I’m not convinced that deploying trained police officers to act as security personnel is a smart use of either resources or is a reflection of the skill sets of the officers.
The NT Government has still not achieved the “extra 120” police officers on the beat that they promised three years ago. As people join, others leave … attrition must be factored into the equation.
Let’s stop the political games. Introduce and strengthen policies / procedures / practices that indicate these decision-makers know what they’re doing!

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‘Social distancing’ is the wrong term
Patrick Nelson is correct. The term should be “physical distancing” or “spacial distancing”.

Robyn Lambley to join Territory Alliance
Wonder whether Yingiya Mark Guyula would be interested in joining Territory Alliance?
His proactive and positive ideas have been largely ignored by the arrogance of the current Parliament and government. The party needs to have Aboriginal representation more broadly to be better reflective of the jurisdiction we live in.
Scott McConnell in Braitling? Who else?

Between the sun and the moon, the spirit of David Nixon
So many thanks for being, Dave Nixon.

We met first at one of the infamous Piggy (Bacon) Street parties some 25 years ago where I shared with Cheryl, Neen and Lyndalee. You and Jo rocked up to the gig adding your own brightness to the shenanigans. Filled with a love of life and a sense of great humour, you both impressed this recently arrived ‘blow in’ from Sydney as two special spirits whose impacts were yet to be revealed.

Over the ensuing quarter century (BK – before kids), our connection grew into a friendship that would evolve over time. Your mutual connection with what grew into being the Alice Springs Beanie Festival was a joy to behold. I witnessed your strong passion for the people of this wonderful town and her environs.

I observed your passion for story-telling and the ways in which you sought to share that with so many. The ‘Story Wall’ project on the Adelaide House lawns, your connection with and capturing of the local Heritage Festival, your commitment to Jo’s tilt to be elected to the NT Legislative Assembly were just some of your many contributions to our town and region.

Your substantial dedication to me in my attempts to be elected to the NT Legislative Assembly in 2012 and 2016 are also acknowledged. Your guidance and input allowed me to better understand the process. Your direction provided my campaign with some energy and perspective.

You created quite an indelible impact on our town, Dave. You have left an endearing legacy. Alice will be forever grateful for all that as you helped to forge her past, present & future. She will be forever blessed because of your being…my loving thanks to you, Monty, Tom, Nellie, Jo and Franca for being who you were and who you are.

Phil XX

Real young people, not the faceless offender
Many thanks, Rainer … shared on the site.

Real young people, not the faceless offender
@ Psuedo Guru. Discipline comes from within; not imposed. That’s called punishment.
@ The Gongoozler. “Normal” is a relative concept. What may be “normal” to you may not be to someone else.

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