Why dont they just stop grog being sold at supermarkets …

Comment on Temporary Beat Locations – stop the political games by Bev.

Why dont they just stop grog being sold at supermarkets all over town – reduce the number of outlets and, yes, make sure rules apply to black and whites alike.
It would make it easier to police and also if the violence continues then make it so no takeaway alcohol can be bought in Alice. We are isolated enough to make that effective.
Also, there should be stricter rules on people in clubs and pubs so that anyone who appears to be drunk can be taken away in a paddy wagon. If anyone who complains too bad, is not the safety of people worth it?
It is also right that people should be able to be responsible for their own behaviour once past 10 years old. We all make mistakes but violence and drunkenness is not a mistake but intentional.
If alcohol has become a craving it is hard to deal with but for everyone’s safety it is important to deal with those who have this problem – not necessarily by long term locking up but by detox programmes and improving self esteem.

Recent Comments by Bev

Will we better understand the ‘Recognise’ referendum than we did the 1967 one?
If there is supposed to be no racial discrimination then why are jobs described as being preference for those of Aboriginal or Torres Island descent.
Why are decisions being made that discriminate against white Australians in preference to Aboriginals or Torres Strait islanders.
Why is it necessary to describe anything with skin colour unless it is to pin point a victim or a criminal.
The sooner that Australians can all call themselves Australians regardless of race or creed, the sooner we can consider Australians as a whole and help those who need help regardless of who they are.

Empty Mall shops price war, new IGA likely
Bi-Lo was once in Alice Plaza – why not another supermarket? And if Wicked Kneads plans to move there, should it not be a matter of choice for the company?
Parking is always a problem in both Coles and Yeperenye at many times, so maybe a spread out of businesses will be a good thing.

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