Congratulation to Meredith. I am looking forward to her colourful, …

Comment on Town crier breaks through glass ceiling by Renate.

Congratulation to Meredith. I am looking forward to her colourful, poetic and hopefully noisy presentations of the town.

Recent Comments by Renate

Why not a little old lady as Australian of Year?
How true. We have quite a few persons in our, and I guess in every, community who deserve to be Australian of the year. Nothing against the doctors, sports people or academics (is it not their job and get paid well to work for the community?) but why are we not recognizing people that really serve the community as volunteers and make a difference?
Last year was different. I think that is why she had such huge support, not only with politicians, but people from all walks in life supported her and the cause.
I think she really achieved a change in our thinking, and that is what Australian of the Year is all about.
At least that’s what I think and that is why I always would support the “little old lady that distributes the meals on wheels”.

A new railway station, hotel in Whittaker Street?
To attract people, be it tourists or residents, Alice has to offer something – be it jobs (that has been the main attraction for the last decade), be it uniquness in livestyle (which we are loosing more and more since the aim to move foreward seems to be to be just like any other town in Australia) or other opportunities.
To create adequate infrastructure we should first decide what our aims are for development – like I said, do we want to develop our uniqueness, or do we want to be like every other town?
To be like everybody, we see at the moment the result, empty units, empty shops, low wages, high prices, tourists numbers down, just to name a few things. Instead of more towers, why not a cultural centre, why not an attractive railway station?

National indigenous culture centre: think big!
The Cultural Centre in Gap Rd was visited by a lot of people, domestic and international.
I think a professionally presented cultural centre would be an attraction, also to many Aborigines (students) from interstate.
At the moment with the Cultural Centre and Panorama Guth gone, we have nothing to really show the positive aspects of Aboriginal influence in the Centre.
Propperly managed it would also supply job opportunities: management, retail, hospitality, etc.

Is NT Government turning its back on CBD project?
I have difficulties seeing any benefit to dwarf a heritage site like Flynn’s Church and Adelaide House through an apartment block. Alice is losing more and more on character, so why should tourists come if there is nothing special about the town/
Do we really want to be just a government town without history and heritage? I think we have messed up enough the town, maybe we should improve what we have instead of copying bigger cities.

Report of a near fatal, in the first person
For 2014 happiness, but especially no more accidents. Thank you for the article, it just confirms why I love Alice and its people.

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