Tim Flannery and grain of salt go together. …

Comment on Will NT fill nature tourism void when reef dies? by John Sheridan.

Tim Flannery and grain of salt go together.

Recent Comments by John Sheridan

Alcohol floor price may breach Australian Constitution
Who gets the extra money involved?

[ED – The bottle shops, according to a spokesman for the Attorney General. Cheers, Erwin Chlanda, Editor.]

NATS: Petrol heads rule
Fantastic event. Well worth the trip to see. Would imagine excellent for the town businesses also.

Liz Martin says goodbye and good luck
Well I am bloody flabbergasted. Another outstandingly successful organisation looks to be stuffed by a government body. A major tourism icon in Central Australia. And the taxpayers / voters let the fools do it.
Different if there was criminal activity involved. But just some red tape – obviously not dotted /crossed etc? Hopefully it can be saved but not if there is any government involvement.

Meeting in CM office will be Transport Hall’s ‘make or break’
The Road Transport Hall of Fame is the best tourism asset in Alice Springs.

Alice rider Daymon Stokie breaks 10 year Finke drought
Great job by the competitors and the organisers. Bigger than Ben Hur, eh!
Bloody well done to all.

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