Yeh, Erwin, I love your enthusiasm for our local product. …

Comment on Will NT fill nature tourism void when reef dies? by Steve Brown.

Yeh, Erwin, I love your enthusiasm for our local product. There certainly is a huge potential for further development. Amazing opportunity exists within the pristine and spectacular MacDonnell Ranges.
Opportunity could be tapped for very little cost by opening up a few loop roads and making long term leases available for land available to entrepreneurial businesses.
However, I don’t think we need to wait for, or for that matter even contemplate, the demise of Australia’s greatest asset, the Great Barrier Reef, to capitalize on our opportunities.
All we really need is a bit of vision and some intestinal fortitude.
As for Tim Flannery and his ridiculous unverifiable fear mongering overstatements, which when given that Mr Flannery more than likely knows are BS, constitute bare-faced lies about future outcomes.
Unfortunately Mr Flannery rests comfortably in the secure knowledge that his notoriety seeking bullshit can’t be proven one way or another in his life time.
However, if we are taking his advice we’ll have to build our tourist product around extremely high temperatures, no water and extreme storms!
Worse, there will hardly be any tourists to attract because more than half the world’s population will have been drowned or displaced by sea level rise, leaving them in poverty, gasping for a breath and too hungry to walk.
Dam! What a wasted opportunity!

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Will NT fill nature tourism void when reef dies?
@ Raising Alice: If you read and understood my comment you would realize that I’m not arguing against climate change or global warming or reef damage, I’m arguing about the stupid fear mongering overstatement of the facts by those who have a vested interest in scaring the pants of the population in the selfish hope that that fear will result in more coins in their own pockets.
Hence the proliferation of parasitic organisation spruicking climate change.

Will NT fill nature tourism void when reef dies?
Yeh Richard, and you probably believed all priests and social workers were there because they loved little children until the Royal Commission.
Your comment reminds me of the old adage “there are none so blind as those that will not see”.
Science is not a matter of belief. It’s is a matter of proven or unproven fact! Belief or blind faith belongs in the realms of religion.
Indoctrination in a university doesn’t give you the ability to think or to question, it simply loads up your memory like a computer that spits out what its been told.
Having spent 60 years of observation and discussion with a dad who has dedicated a lifetime to study of “A Unified Field Theory” and the Mechanics of Space Flight, I have a good enough grounding in the sciences of the universe to understand that we must “question everything”.
I mentioned the Royal Commission because I would like you to ponder the enormous harm, the devastation, the destruction that blind unquestioning belief leaves in its wake. Give you something to think about while your out there walking the Track.

Will NT fill nature tourism void when reef dies?
Yeh, Hal, and those who quote its outcomes as fact are either indoctrinated by the quasi religious fear mongering by the likes of Mr Flannery or simply don’t have the ability to reason for themselves.
Both these groups use words like the “majority of scientists” or “denier” – both being a dead giveaway of someone who actually doesn’t have the foggiest but would like to believe in something.
Anything at all it seems, no wonder the Yanks make so much money selling religion. Facts for you, Hal, science doesn’t vote. Ever.
On evidence something is either proven or it is not. All the science of the world cannot change a proven fact by voting upon it!
Secondly, all real scientists are “deniers”. They always keep an open mind and are always open to new evidence.
The evidence does seem to support some level of warming, let’s hope that this is true because climate either cools or warms and the results of cooling are too horrible to contemplate.
Before you run off screaming “denier” analyse this.
In today’s news it was announced we’d just experienced our warmest June since records began. The average temperature is up by a whopping 0.12 of a degree. But what does that really mean?
An average is achieved by adding up all your information and dividing by the number of items you added, so in a 30 day month that had 15 days at 2 degrees and 15 days at 30 degrees has an average temperature of 16 degrees.
So what does that average tell us about that place’s weather? I respectfully suggest nothing at all.
Further, if just two of the days that were normally 2 degrees had a 3 degree and a 4 degree day respectively our monthly average would change by .1 of a degree upwards to 16.1.
Question: Does that information really tell you anything? Unless you really want it to? What do you think, Hal?
Personally I don’t think so. However, in spite of all that our observation tell us that climate changes constantly, presently it does appear to be warming conceivably with human assistance but who knows for how much or for how long the trend will continue.
To answer this we ask the weather person, the same one who gets the weather wrong time and time again, just two days out!
Yet many among us think this reason enough to behave like religious zealots reacting hysterically to idiotic predictions of doom from attention seeking opportunists like Mr Flannery cashing in on the hysteria.
However, should we allow the lack of proven science or in reality the lack of observation over lengthy enough period from the platforms we are now using?
Should we allow this in anyway to interfere with a global campaign to clean up pollution? Absolutely not.
Let’s all get on with it before one way or another we poison ourselves from existence.
Should we seek alternative energies? Your damn right we should!
Should we stop throwing our garbage in the oceans? Your damn right we should!
But start a new religion spruiking “the sky is falling”, “the sky is falling,” “denier,” “denier”!
If we want our kids to have any future at all let’s try not to drown every form of intelligent life on the planet with BS!
Question everything!

Recent Comments by Steve Brown

Gallery fiasco: school heritage process ‘massively flawed’
Oddly enough Domeninco, from around 1984 I’ve noted an escalating deterioration of our town’s earlier strengths and character.
Those of us who are amongst the town’s earliest families, the builders of the Alice and other towns in the Territory, understood what it took to create healthy, well balanced, economically viable, communities.
Unfortunately the vibrancy once driven by a very healthy private sector has long since given way to petty bureaucracy and welfareism along with all the blow in petty politic of envy and ignorance those sectors brought with them.
Replacing vibrancy, hope and belief with a petty mentality of obstructionism and envy, glaring down, standing in the way of, anything that might create, dare I say, the dirty words economic progress!
This attempt to save an ugly, rotten old, asbestos riddled building of no architectural merit is just another example of that moronic stifling mentality.
Crime and corruption about which these people winge constantly, flourishes in places that don’t offer hope and progress!
Sloth and disillusionment flourish in places of bureaucratic overload and petty envious obstructionism!
To clean our town up, to get it moving, to offer hope, we need to deal with those things!
We simply must learn to walk right on bye the wingers, specially the blow-in wingers, and to get right on with building our town, a place of enormous potential if only it is given enough air to breathe.

Gallery fiasco: school heritage process ‘massively flawed’
There is absolutely nothing architecturally noteworthy about this crappy old building, just because a particular person visited, walked past, looked at or went to this school doesn’t make it a place that must be preserved!
It would hang like a millstone around the community’s collective necks for perpetuity.
This building has been sitting there rotting for years yet you suddenly find a deep underlying passion and love for it when another use for its location is found?
I cry BS on this claim!
You are simply being obstructionist! As per usual I might add!
Keeping old completely un-noteworthy buildings in premier positions simply creates an enormously expensive ulcerating rot in the central locations of town, forcing us to extend our CBD over a wider and wider area destroying along with that expansion any chance of creating a thriving central CBD.
So while there certainly are buildings that are noteworthy and worth preserving despite this fact ie Flynn Church and Adelaide House etc.
Much less noteworthy building such as this old school must give way to the new!

Private forecaster tips massive rains for Alice
Heavy rains will certainly be welcome, no doubt about it Ed, but 30 to 50mm is a long way short of what’s required to produce floods like the one pictured.
That kind of flood requires closer to 200mm over a fairly short period of time … wouldn’t that be nice?

Big crowd at local School Strike 4 Climate Action
@ Evelyn: While I agree with the general intent of your comment it is important to note for the interested children’s education, that neither their action nor any taken by this nation will have the slightest effect on the world climate! Even if we could completely halt all of our carbon production tomorrow, it would not make the slightest difference to climate change.
So by all means kids work towards a cleaner environment, cleaner air and cleaner oceans, but don’t be taken for a ride by those who seek to create irrational fears about your own beautiful world, through politically motivated, fear mongering garbage, about climate change.
It is a natural part of our world and always will be!
The thing we really do need to need fear and guard against, are the mindless efforts of indoctrinated climate fanatics who seek through their ignorance and city bred real world isolation, to do something irrational about planetary warming.
It would benefit everyone to keep in mind that a warming climate is a more productive climate, while on the other hand a cooling climate very quickly becomes a threat to all life on earth, through starvation!
Let’s hope we get to sit somewhere in between. In the meantime there is one very real threat we should all fight and guard against, the life threatening efforts of climate science to artificially interfere with our climate. One stupid mistake and “Winter really will be coming”!

‘Arrogant’ government fails to answer 20 questions
Didn’t Robyn spruik long and loud the benefits of having an Independent Member for Araluen?
Now she is completely bound up in petty squabbling about more resources.
And not one single question to Government about things that affect the rest of us.
While the Territory goes to hell in a hand basket!
No pressure on Government at all!
Talk about ineffective.
You are payed a dam good wage plus expenses. Write your own speeches and for the Territory’s sake, get on with the job.
[ED – Mr Brown was the CLP candidate for Araluen.]

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