The following is from the Australian Government – Australian Institute …

Comment on Will NT fill nature tourism void when reef dies? by Raising Alice.

The following is from the Australian Government – Australian Institute of Marine Science:
AIMS’s modelling and experimental studies show that increased acidity impairs the ability of corals and other calcifying organisms to build their calcium carbonate skeletons, which are the backbone of tropical coral reef ecosystems.
The resulting complex reef structures provide food and habitat for many thousands of reef-associated organisms, resulting in the incredible biodiversity of tropical coral reefs.
Climate change is predicted to affect tropical marine systems in the following ways:
Warmer sea surface temperatures will increase the risk of heat stress events and mass coral bleaching.
Tropical cyclones are likely to be more intense, resulting in physical destruction and weakening of the reef structure.
Extreme rainfall events will increase, with larger amounts of low-salinity freshwater and sediment extending further out from the coast.
Sea levels will gradually rise, affecting coastal erosion, the magnitude of storm surges and the area available for shallow water marine organisms. Ocean circulation and upwelling patterns will change.
Visionaries are usually persecuted in their own lifetime but revered after their death.
Take for example Charles Darwin! Can you imagine the condemnation within the “Christian” spheres of his irreverent concepts of evolution. “Scientific” theory that is still being proven and disproven in the 21st Century!
The lessons to be learned?
Respect the environment, care for it, look after it, ensure a balance of commercial development, work in harmony with the Land … as it may not be in existence for your grandchildren.

Recent Comments by Raising Alice

Trouble in CBD: Ranger or ambassador?
@ Kamara: Wow, I rarely agree with most of what you write but you are spot on with your comments. Why indeed reinvent the wheel. The current proposal is very flawed – law and order is police business, council needs to influence the police to ensure public safety.
This one position cannot be the; be all and end all to solving anti-social behaviour – what chance does one person stand? I wasn’t here at the time so am not sure why the Ambassador program by Lhere Artepe is still not happening – it should be.
Tourists do wish to interact with native Australians in a positive manner not a handgun, handcuff shackled person! This is not a war torn country although sometimes it is made out to be that way.
As for seeking the exorbitant amount from ABA – SHAME ON YOU Alice Springs Town Council! Your “oncosts” are way over the top. You should be finding monies from Territory Government agencies to implement such an Ambassador program even if it is disguised by trying to tackle the anti-social behaviour of a minority of people.
Why not just provide permits for people to visit the Mall, especially after 6pm? “Tongue in cheek comment” by the way.
Policing is the answer to anti-social behaviour with Arrernte Ambassadors to be “spotters” and also to assist with a positive image of native Australians.

A new railway station, hotel in Whittaker Street?
@ Bob Durnan: Finally Bob you are seeing the vision! Well done, nearly puts the Chief Minister’s to shame as being way too small.
Now he won’t even need to consult with the public, he can just take some of your ideas and run with them, there are sure to be some gassy investors willing to buy a piece of Alice to ensure a pipeline happens.

A new railway station, hotel in Whittaker Street?
Love the concept! Breathe new life into Alice, all of us who live here, must be old life 🙁 , bring tourists into the centre of Alice! Now the train will go right up Parsons Street. Fantastic I will be able to park my car at the new complex, better than trying to find a car park in the CBD, and then catch the train into the mall … wooohhooo … toottoot … and Railway Tce will become a real Railway Tce again.
Oh wait, the graphic shows people walking around, hmmmm taking more people from the CBD, not a good idea … yes it is!
We don’t want the customers of the new courthouse that will be hanging around the Mall to be seen by tourists. Ok then back to the good plan …
Can’t wait for all the greenery as per graphic! And the public buses servicing the area and the antennas on the building, must be so the Chief Minister can relocate and keep an eye and ear on all of Alice Springs, not a bad idea really, as they seem to know what is best for Alice, really looking forward to the huge breath of fresh air, therefore replacing all the old air that is here.
Lucky we have a forward thinking Chief Minister who uses the adage: “I know what you need.”

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