Re Richard: As the majority we endorse your views. …

Comment on Will NT fill nature tourism void when reef dies? by AC/DC Electric.

Re Richard: As the majority we endorse your views.

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Will NT fill nature tourism void when reef dies?
Re Steve Brown: How’s membership going in the Flat Earth Society?
Please be free to to publish “your views” in any publication with more than a population of a suburb.
Go on, let the world enjoy your commonsense.
By the way, how’s the coffee shop attraction going up the hill?
Next word of wisdom will be to build a set of traffic lights on a main road for five houses.
Time to let the younger generation decide.

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How Alice missed the Big One, spin continues
Re Brown: Nice deflection. However being the town’s One and Only everyone can see you are just all “huff and no puff”. It’s not a broom we need, it’s a bulldozer.

Schools, order, justice are the coalface, not resources
Re Brown: the politics of envy? Would that be the 12 TVs you were banging on about last week?
Good to see as usual your rants still don’t have any factual evidence, a remarkable point of difference in Liberal Party make-up.
With Abbott stabbed has Australia found a Science Minister or are the Liberals still in denial?
Digging holes is not the answer, unknown to most in Alice most Australians are in the 21st century.
Never be shy Steve to publish your “views” in the Sydney Morning Herald, The Guardian etc and show to this country why the NT in your mind is not part of the Flat Earth Society.

‘Person of interest’ sought in hit and run
By the looks of him it shouldn’t be too hard to find. Stake out the local fast food joints. Seems like a very frequent user.

Catholics fire new broadside at Giles over fracking
Re Steve … 12 TVs? Glad to see you’re trying to lessen your carbon footprint. Then again, you wouldn’t want to miss all those awe insipring shows on free to air.
By the way who watches TV? That is so last century, I suppose it’s something our older citizens do to while away their time.

1 Territory party pledges to be a force
Oh dear, the town’s One and Only now seems to think retirement homes will lift this cesspool of a town out of the mire. Southerners flocking to a warmer climate?
More like extreme 45 degree plus summer days, minus degree winter mornings. All of a sudden Southerners are welcome. Fuel prices outrageous, $3 for a mango, violence ad nauseum, workmanship on par with a six year old banging in a nail, diesel fumes everywhere, driving skills that leave Adelaide drivers smiling smugly.
Groundhog Day? More like stuck in the 50s. Funny that, locals seem to enjoy the way Australia was. Most Australians have matured and enjoy what the world has to offer.

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