Some thoughts on the subject: The pace of Global climate …

Comment on Will NT fill nature tourism void when reef dies? by Evelyne Roullet.

Some thoughts on the subject: The pace of Global climate change today is of a different order of magnitude from the gradual changes that previously occurred throughout the most recent era, the Cenozoic.
The earth’s climate has gone through phases wet and dry, cold and warm, in response to many natural factors. Most of these changes have been gradual, so that the forms and communities of life have adjusted accordingly.
There have been catastrophic climate changes that brought about mass extinctions, but over time, life adjusted even to these impacts, flowering anew in the emergence of balanced ecosystems such as those we treasure today.
The epoch in which we live has increasingly been described in geological terms as the Anthropocene, or “Age of Humans”. Our species, (though selected to be a caretaker on the earth for the majority of us), has been the cause of such corruption and devastation on it that we are in danger ending life as we know it on our planet.
Climate change in the past was also instrumental in laying down immense stores of fossil fuels from which we derive benefits today.
Ironically, our unwise and short-sighted use of these resources is now resulting in the destruction of the very conditions that have made our life on earth possible.
“The real names of global warming are Waste and Greed.”
“We cannot value things except by selling them, and that we think it acceptable, indeed respectable, to sell anything.”
Tourism is business, mining is business.
Greed in business is and will remain a part of daily business and corporate affairs.
“In keeping with our unrestrained consumptiveness, the commonly accepted basis of our economy is the supposed possibility of limitless growth, limitless wants, limitless wealth, limitless natural resources, limitless energy, and limitless debt”.
Our current system is built to ensure the survival of greed in business.
As long as we run our businesses based on the CEO ensuring that there is a regular uplift in profit as their most important measure of success, as long as stockholders demand their profits, as long we measure success by the amount of money someone has made, as long as our political systems are such that only money can buy an election, there is no need to talk, argue, cry for the future of our planet. We cannot serve two masters.
We have to learn to limits our desires if we want a future for the next generations.

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Will NT fill nature tourism void when reef dies?
@ Erwin: I had seen the article, but I do not think that Arnhem Land is part of Kakadu.
“Arnhem Land is bordered by Kakadu National Park, the Arafura Sea and the Gulf of Carpentaria.”
Example of tourism activities. (expensive and limited)

Will NT fill nature tourism void when reef dies?
@ Russel Guy. The subject is: “Will NT fill nature tourism void when reef dies?”
From it we went onto “climate change” even so the topic was not about it 🙂
But have we answer the question?
Steve Brown mentioned the spectacular MacDonnell, with just reason, but I think the Nature and Wildlife of Arnhem Land could become as popular that the Reef.

Will NT fill nature tourism void when reef dies?
I agree with you Russel, but we are going out of the topic. May be Erwin could look into it.

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