Santa Teresa musos world’s ‘most isolated’ metal band


The most isolated heavy metal band in the world, Southeast Desert Metal, are set to launch their debut film clip tomorrow.


The Aboriginal band, hailing from the remote community of Santa Teresa, have recorded their debut album at The Black Wreath studio, due for release in September.


The band formed in 2009 and have gone on to create a sound that is uniquely their own, according to Pirate, the studio’s manager.


“Their world-class musicianship is complimented by singer / songwriter Chris Wallace’s powerful vocals which he uses to pass on dreaming stories to the next generation,” Pirate says.


“Fans can get a taste for the new album this Friday night, when the band debut the film clip for ‘Eagle,’ the first single from the highly anticipated release. The video was shot by acclaimed cinematographer Wilson Bambrick.”


The band will be performing a set of old and new songs as a part of the Alice Desert Festival at the festival hub. Support act “SNAKES” will warm the stage at 9:30pm. Entry is free.



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