Are you kidding me, how can you have a go …

Comment on NATS were great but figures don’t stack up by Jamie Debrenni.

Are you kidding me, how can you have a go at an event that has been so positive for this town and will be ongoing?
Time you raised the standards of your publication and get on board with the positives and not trying to find an excuse to criticise successes.
Why don’t you do a story about the local volunteers that gave up the time to support this event that has generated income into the towns economy that is ongoing.
Who cares about exact numbers as there was a lot more people in town compared to what would have been, if the government hadn’t trusted and believed in our community to deliver an event that is being talked about Australia wide.

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Minister confirms defects in tender winner’s previous job
@ Fred: Yes, locals have defects but pick up the phone and they will be available.
If you remember the operating theatre flooding – we had to wait for them to send a team from out of town to access and then carry out works, which left all surgery on hold.
The company that did the mall are just about to outlay a large amount of own funds to do the old lawn bowls development.
I’m yet to see any thing over the last three years that Leahys have put into this town, yet I’m sure they are using our local budget to finance developments in New South Wales.

The Chief Minister’s motor millions
Hey Melanie, $2m for athletics track been announced at Head Street oval. Congrats to the athletics community.

Burn, not bury rubbish: Incinerator plan
Well done, Darren. A born and bred that is willing to believe in this town and its people and create opportunities. Let’s stop sending our money over the borders to the Mexicans and keep it here for locals.

Melanka building would obscure unequalled backdrop
Moving forward is what is needed. We have to start thinking about our youth and opportunities for them. This development and others that hopefully that will follow will create work and social reasons for the youth to maybe come back from the cities.
We have a highly educated generation of local young adults that are staying away because we have nothing to offer.
If we don’t start encouraging private investment we are going to sink more and more into a government dependant community for employment and benefits.
The heritage of this town is going change for the worse if what is here today cannot be maintained because the care factor of a depressed and stagnate town in 10 years’ time is zero.
Why can’t we create a new community while maintaining the old by being proactive not reactive to any change that might upset a minority.
Time to move forward and create reasons for youth to want to come back or relocate and invest, and contribute the realities of how the world is changing and maybe us dinosaurs might listen.

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