@ Jamie Debrenni: “Who cares about exact numbers as there …

Comment on NATS were great but figures don’t stack up by Evelyne Roullet.

@ Jamie Debrenni: “Who cares about exact numbers as there was a lot more people in town compared to what would have been, if the government hadn’t trusted and believed in our community ….”
Could I mimic you?: Are you kidding me?
Some of us care, and we are supposed to be living in a democracy: dēmokratia, from dēmos “the people” + -kratia “power, rule”. The practice or principles of social equality.
The elected members are representatives of the people, work for them and are paid by them. Hiding the true facts or embellishing them is an insult.
“Time you raised the standards of your publication and get on board with the positives and not trying to find an excuse to criticise successes.”
Are you kidding me? What would Alice Springs News Online gain by criticising successes? Could you explain? Backing your words with a real fact?
Alice Springs News Online is the only fair newspaper we have in town. We know exactly what is happening or will happen with no hint of prejudice.
What do we get as real local news with the Advocate and the NT News? Where can we have a forum of discussions? At the council meeting?
[I wrote to the council with concerns about plans for the Diano oval.] The council replied: “Council is currently looking at the possibility of installing a new athletics track at Rhonda Diano oval however this is only at the design and feasibility stage.
“If the project was to go ahead the facility would not be for exclusive use for any specific club, the facility would be for the Alice Springs community to use.”
No, they do what they want and when they want. I am not kidding!

Recent Comments by Evelyne Roullet

Why was supervised quarantine not brought forward as Victoria’s outbreak worsened?
And anyone breaching their quarantine commitments should be locked up immediately accused of intended murder!

The militarised centre of Australia
Kieran: A more informed public debate on the issues? Good idea! Maybe yes, may be no, because there are military issues in regards of security which cannot be made public.
In the same ways that others countries do not divulge there military secrets, may be it could be better for us to keep our mouth shut.
This said, I have to add that I am against armed conflicts and drone warfare is alas part of it.
But I would like someone to explain and prove to me how closing Pine Gap and sending back home all the US Marines will make Australia a safer place to live.
Australia needs allies to survive as it is not one of the most powerful countries: United States, Russia, China, Germany, United Kingdom, France.

The Territory is too big for them to grasp
Well put!

Mills blasts Gunner over Speaker’s conduct
The voters of the NT are now caught between Scylla and Charybdis.

Federation Party announces candidates: more councillors joining the fray
In my opinion (for what it’s worth) our council should be dismissed and replaced by rates payers called in like in a jury’s summons, or the government could put in an administrator. What a circus!

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