Whenever I see a photograph from Central Australia that surprises …

Comment on Step into this song of praise by David Curl.

Whenever I see a photograph from Central Australia that surprises me for its artistry, composition and natural beauty, I can be pretty sure it’s by Mike Gillam. And in this exhibition, there are just so many …

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Leaving town: Centre, its creatures will miss Kaye Kessing
Good to hear Kaye’s not leaving quite yet. What a great contribution she and her family have made to Central Australia. Thanks, Kaye, and thanks for the story, Erwin.

Family Courts give kids Fatherless Christmas
Yes, Hal. In many cases, it’s motherless, grandmotherless and grandfatherless Christmases too. Sometimes even without their brothers and sisters. The letter talks of children spending this Christmas “without one of their parents” – either the mother, or the father – “and other family members”; it’s a gender-neutral, child-focussed statement.
The latest research shows that children who experience major childhood trauma – such as an adversarial family separation in a family court, or the loss of contact with a loving parent – have significantly higher, lifelong risks of both physical and mental illness, and are at higher risk of self-harm and suicide.
As it happens, the stats show that Australian courts deny children access to loving fathers significantly more often than to loving mothers.
But if the courts prevent even just one child from being with a fit and loving mother or father, if the courts cause just one child to attempt suicide (as many do in such circumstances), that’s one too many.

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