I have been wondering how much the people of Alice …

Comment on Landholders facing the fracking onslaught by Maureen Versteden.

I have been wondering how much the people of Alice Springs and outback communities know about coal seam gas and fracking.
I am surprised they are not screaming from the roof-tops.
Don’t they know that the contamination from 7,000 gas wells is already flowing into the Great Artesian Basin and that Queensland is aiming to have a gas field the size of Victoria with hundreds of thousands of gas wells.
They have a $100 billion contract to supply gas to China and other contracts.
Tell them to google “coal seam gas” and the words “earthquakes” or “health impacts” or “birth defects” or “arsenic” or “radioactivity” or “list of the harmed” “contaminated food” etc.
They must wake up or there will be no more Alice Springs. The people will have to move away the same as they are doing in Tara, Chinchilla and other areas in Queensland.

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