@ Maureen Versteden: A lot of publicity has been done …

Comment on Landholders facing the fracking onslaught by Evelyne Roullet.

@ Maureen Versteden: A lot of publicity has been done on the subject, including in this Newspaper. But there’s none so blind as those who will not see. There is no excuses for not knowing the pros and cons on the subject.

Coal seam gas, coal mines and Australian wildlife

The negatives outweigh the positives which is limited to more gas and a handful of jobs. Why make a longer list of environmental disasters?
At least 150 leaks, spills and licence breaches have occurred at the Ranger uranium mine between 1981 and 2009.
Mary Kathleen seepage of waters from the tailings storage area and evaporation ponds causes seasonal salinisation and impacts on the water quality of Cameron Creek during the dry season.
The Rum Jungle “Hell Hole”.
Based on Wet Season Blues from “The Uranium Hunters”.
The Atrocious Environmental Disaster.
Based on Uranium Mining in Australia from “Ground For Concern”.
Rivers and creeks in urban areas also face environmental issues, particularly pollution.
Victoria – Port Phillip (contamination – silt; sediment; toxins; household chemicals; garden chemicals; E. coli; litter; flotsam and jetsam).
Yarra River (contamination – E. coli; litter – 13 traps; logging; erosion; salinity).
Maribyrnong River (contamination – arsenic and heavy metals; litter – 1 trap).
Mullum Mullum Creek (contamination – E. coli; litter).
Murray River (salinity, erosion).
New South Wales – Remediation of soil and sediment from Homebush Bay on the Parramatra River by desorbtion and incineration.
Parramatta River (contamination – dioxins, arsenic, coal tars, chromium, lead and phthalates).
Darling River (salinity, erosion).
Murray River (salinity, erosion).
Cooks River (pollution, algal blooms)
Queensland – Bremer River (water grading F – lowest possible).
Brisbane River
Oxley Creek (water grading D).
Bulimba Creek (threatened species due to land degradation; pollution; litter).
South Australia – River Torrens (contaminants – E. coli; algal bloom).
The pros of fracking are the businessmen who want to make more money. The cons are that it contaminates clean groundwater and causes earthquakes that destroy people homes. It’s a horrible environmental disaster.

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Landholders facing the fracking onslaught
@ Calling B.S: http://www.ga.gov.au/search-results?q=water%20pollution

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@ Alex. The difference between democracy and tyranny is this: In democracy you are free to talk and keep talking while the government does what it wants.
In tyranny you are told to shut your mouth while the government does want it wants.

Say no to no go, urge anti-frackers
Elected government, like other workers, should sign a contract highlighting their promises.
Promises not kept will annul the contract (without pay) and another election could be called.

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Dehne Mclaughlin: If you do a bit of research instead of being negative, you will be surprised to find out that they are a lot of Aboriginal scientists capable to run it.

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Is ths real or a rehearsal for an horror / comedy?

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The rates payers are the employers of the Council (Mayor, Councillors) and the subcontractors (CEO and all others employees) and as such we have the right to demand a performance year review/report, like :
Communication with the public.
Collaboration and teamwork (no stabbing in the back between councillors).
Problem-solving? Nothing done for children shelter!
Attendance and dependability, quality and accuracy of work.
No attendance to meetings only with a very valid reason.
Ability to accomplish goals and meet deadlines: Give us a list of achieved goals.

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