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Comment on Landholders facing the fracking onslaught by Evelyne Roullet.

@ Calling B.S: http://www.ga.gov.au/search-results?q=water%20pollution

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Landholders facing the fracking onslaught
@ Maureen Versteden: A lot of publicity has been done on the subject, including in this Newspaper. But there’s none so blind as those who will not see. There is no excuses for not knowing the pros and cons on the subject.

Coal seam gas, coal mines and Australian wildlife

The negatives outweigh the positives which is limited to more gas and a handful of jobs. Why make a longer list of environmental disasters?
At least 150 leaks, spills and licence breaches have occurred at the Ranger uranium mine between 1981 and 2009.
Mary Kathleen seepage of waters from the tailings storage area and evaporation ponds causes seasonal salinisation and impacts on the water quality of Cameron Creek during the dry season.
The Rum Jungle “Hell Hole”.
Based on Wet Season Blues from “The Uranium Hunters”.
The Atrocious Environmental Disaster.
Based on Uranium Mining in Australia from “Ground For Concern”.
Rivers and creeks in urban areas also face environmental issues, particularly pollution.
Victoria – Port Phillip (contamination – silt; sediment; toxins; household chemicals; garden chemicals; E. coli; litter; flotsam and jetsam).
Yarra River (contamination – E. coli; litter – 13 traps; logging; erosion; salinity).
Maribyrnong River (contamination – arsenic and heavy metals; litter – 1 trap).
Mullum Mullum Creek (contamination – E. coli; litter).
Murray River (salinity, erosion).
New South Wales – Remediation of soil and sediment from Homebush Bay on the Parramatra River by desorbtion and incineration.
Parramatta River (contamination – dioxins, arsenic, coal tars, chromium, lead and phthalates).
Darling River (salinity, erosion).
Murray River (salinity, erosion).
Cooks River (pollution, algal blooms)
Queensland – Bremer River (water grading F – lowest possible).
Brisbane River
Oxley Creek (water grading D).
Bulimba Creek (threatened species due to land degradation; pollution; litter).
South Australia – River Torrens (contaminants – E. coli; algal bloom).
The pros of fracking are the businessmen who want to make more money. The cons are that it contaminates clean groundwater and causes earthquakes that destroy people homes. It’s a horrible environmental disaster.

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Sacred sites authority mum on Melanka trees
Domenico and James, I do not agree with you, James will not be a good politician: Politicians wear masks to hide who they really are and James is true to himself.
Arrogance Mask: Politicians feel dumb and dumber inside.
Economic Idiots Mask: Politicians act intelligent, but are stupid.
Irrationality Mask: Politicians fake reason, but waste tax millions.
Greed-is-Good Mask: Politicians are puppets to a wealthy global elite.
I feel James is too honest.

Guarding his culture with spear, canvas and book
“Open your ears and listen. The senior old men are the ultimate bosses.” Like Kathleen Kemarre Wallace once said :”Listen deeply, come to us we will tell you our culture. Learn from us.That way we will all survive.We share this country. We need to work together and learn from each other.”

Boyer Lectures aim to reignite recognition debate
@ Davo: I worked hard paying taxes for 30 years+ to get the benefits that you will get in turn.
Life expectancy: Living conditions play a large role in life expectancy but [1] women live longer, [2] ethnicity affects life expectancy: [3} looking after oneself is overall important.
“Whenever anyone comments on Aboriginal society, there’s always a whiff of hypocrisy”. Think before talking (writing) do you know me to judge?

Former Anzac Hill High School: time to take stock
James T Smirk, it is quality rather than quantity that matters.
Seneca, Stoic philosopher, a philosophy asserting that virtue (such as wisdom) is happiness and judgment should be based on behavior, rather than words.
Some people talk or write, others act.

Former Anzac Hill High School: time to take stock
See you there, Mike Gillam.

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