This is a magnificent story, beautifully written Kieran Finnane and …

Comment on A picnic of promise by David Tacey.

This is a magnificent story, beautifully written Kieran Finnane and the photos are breathtaking.
It is a testament to the wonderful and ongoing contribution of Craig San Roque to central Australian culture(s). However, I think there is one glitch in the story as told by Kieran.
She writes: “It is the taste of pomegranate first given to her by Demeter that calls Persephone back from the underworld”.
However, my understanding of the story is quite different. Hades agrees to Zeus’ request that Persephone is released back to the world, and Hades reluctantly agrees to relinquish his bride.
However, he tricks the other gods and Persephone by giving her pomegranate seeds to eats, which guarantees that she will be forced to return to the underworld for a third of every year (the winter months).
So it is not Demeter who gives these seeds, but the dark trickster Hades. Anyway, this is my recollection of the Greek myth. Best wishes to all, David Tacey.

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