I found it a beautiful recapitulation of a very old …

Comment on A picnic of promise by Victoria Jovanovski.

I found it a beautiful recapitulation of a very old story in film and poetic coverage and a lovely exploration of human inter-relationship with narrative landscape. Thanks, I thoroughly enjoyed it though I had small quibble too, this with the quoted adaptation.
Abduction and rape is an initialising act of violence in the Persephone story and the cause of Demeter’s intense sufferings and wanderings and cannot be written out.
It is the raising of aggressive forces which brings on disintegration, submission, despondency, separation, differentiation and consequence. All in the process of time and as the local creation stories also attest.
Hades needs the Kore’s untouched potential for growth and blossoming and her birthright as carrier of the Mysteries. As a chthonic force he cannot redeem the dark spectre of himself or find three dimensional expression without it.
Seeds remain a many layered aspect of the story and relate to jurisdictions. Persephone through her long incubation and learning becomes a Goddess who, like Hermes, has the particular power to travel the three realms.
To dismember place in one’s psychic apparatus seems likely to block one’s power to travel the three realms. Demeter’s teachings?
All the best.

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