This is a response to David Tacey’s comment. Thank you …

Comment on A picnic of promise by Craig san Roque.

This is a response to David Tacey’s comment. Thank you David for your kind words but a note about the pomegranate and the traditional story that features abduction, rape, deception, trickery and, despite all that, Persephone returns and brings with her the spring.
In the Ilparpa version I used my poet’s licence. I changed the story, or rather I brought out aspects that were not of interest to the writers of the ancient Homeric hymns.
The work has changed, the climate is changing, the place of women in our society has, thankfully, changed and though deception rape and abduction continue we took another turning.
The lady was not for burning. The Ilparpa Persephone shows a Kore / young woman who takes control of her intelligence, her actions and manages the underworld and attends to the fertile world’s renewal. I changed the story.

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A picnic of promise
Thankyou Alice Springs News for a review that captures exactly the spirit and intention of this event. When we began work on the story we had no idea how it would turn out on that rocky precarious site. Thankyou to everyone who took the risk of climbing the hill, listening and looking over Ilparpa valley.

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Volunteers are beating buffel
It was helpful to read all those comments on poisons and methods and hope … and big pictures, but when it comes down to it, all I do most mornings around 6.30am is go out through the back gate into the Coolabah Swamp with a hoe or mattock and a dog and chip out a buffel or two.
I don’t argue with the dog, I don’t instruct the buffel. I don’t see anyone else, much, doing so.
In a population of 24,000.

Volunteers are beating buffel
Erwin, thanks for running this story.
Readers might like to know that the same thing is happening in the Coolabah Swamp / Ankerre Ankerre.
A handful of local land care people under the watchful eye of the local TO family are clearing back buffell and invasive saltbush (originally planted for dust control in the 1970s).
Look around the Sturt and Stott Terrace corners and back of Mueller and Lindsay Avenue.
You will see the clearing and new growth. Once upon a time the Coolabah Swamp was overgrown, trashed and seen as wasteland. Now, with the support of the group it’s safe to rest and walk though some of it.
Anyone can see how its getting to be a happier part of the fertile native bush spaces of Alice – like Spencer Hill – and some of the riverside.
Maybe next on the list would be cleaning up the buffel from the heritage site of Billy Goat Hill / Alkeyule. Take a walk up there and see for yourself.

Desert ‘mysteries’: start by asking the locals 
It is great to see a local scientist at work, Dr Walsh breaking ground with a 10kg crowbar. Thankyou Alice News for making this story known.

‘Anyone who held violent opinions could always be trusted’
Thanks Evelyne for adding the next lines from Mt Thucydides observations on political behaviours.

Bashings, break-ins, robberies, car thefts: teen girls guilty
There could be many comments to make, but the first is to thank the reporter for taking on this matter in a balanced, intelligent and fearless manner.
This is the kind of careful reporting that sets a national standard.
The complicated facts of life in our region can only be done justice to by such balanced, intelligent and careful reporting.

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