Jacinta has numerous ideas on how the council can spend …

Comment on Price wants council to do better than basics by JB.

Jacinta has numerous ideas on how the council can spend more money. As a rate payer I want costs cut not increased. Currently rates are rising rapidly and the prospect of further rises to support the arts or youth services is not something I would vote for.
I will be voting for whoever focuses on roads, rates and rubbish. Leave the youth services and arts to the NT Government. If the current youth services or arts programs are not good enough, complain to your local member of parliament.

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Rosalie Kunoth-Monks ‘not welcome’ in her community
She is not adored by those who know her.

Where to now for council and Stuart statue?
This is a joke surely. The council should tell the whingers where to go. I would think the alcohol abuse, domestic violence and gambling that happens on a daily basis at the location would be more of a bad influence on the children.

It really is time to move on.

Ryan earning more from govt. jobs than for being Mayor
Both roles would be very time consuming. This is a clear conflict of interest. No wonder this was kept quiet.
The Mayor is supposed to be a vocal advocate for Alice Springs. It makes it very difficult for the Mayor to attack government policy on behalf of Alice Springs when the same government is paying him $100K a year for a part time job.
I think Damien Ryan has been a great advocate for Alice. If there is an event on, he is always there. But surely this situation restricts his ability to act in the best interests of his constituents.

Paech: Town Council should ‘combat bigotry’
The council should leave the politics to government. The focus of council should be on rates and how they are spent. At the moment rates are rising and the benefits to the ratepayers are far from obvious. This should be the focus.
I am getting tired of hearing councilors using their position to push personal political agendas. Mr Paech should focus on his actual council role rather than jumping on every lefty bandwagon that pops up.

Pedestrians ignore new $300,000 crossing at The Gap
The whole idea is a joke. The residents of Little Sisters were never going to walk any further to go home. Especially when they are pissed which is when they are at their most vulnerable. The residents are well known for their conservation of energy.
Anyone who has spent time in Alice could have told the clowns who signed off on the project. Where was the consultation?

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