A strong Indigenous women like Jacinta could fulfil her ambitions …

Comment on Price wants council to do better than basics by Peter.

A strong Indigenous women like Jacinta could fulfil her ambitions much better within one of the town’s corporations.
There is much to be done.
Perhaps she could get a job with CentreCorp and encourage them to adopt her social platform.
Or she could work with Congress to help them offload their embarrassing Memo Club.
The list is endless and the funds not accountable to hard working, rate stressed citizens of the town.

Peter Also Commented

Price wants council to do better than basics
Jacinta, regarding your successful business, what assistance have you received on the basis of being Indigenous?

Price wants council to do better than basics
Steve, the issue of rates and Jacinta’s candidacy are not separate since she is proposing new expenditure that we the rate payers will have to fund.
So that Jacinta can have a fair hearing she needs to cost her program so we can estimate the rate increase or tell us what services will be cut to fund her plans.
It is a worry that you are endlessly defending a big spending candidate.
The year to year rates increases in this town are unsustainable.

Price wants council to do better than basics
Steve: Not grouchy narks but increasingly desperate rate payers who are wondering how we can afford to live in the town and what its future will be when rates soar upward year after year.
Also legitimate concerns about basic services when the council has no clear idea of its role.
You say: “It’s not about spending more its about balancing what we already spend.”
So for every new expense Jacinta brings to the table we need to be given the details of the cuts that will be made to pay for it.

Recent Comments by Peter

The two territories at opposite ends of car sales stats
Our town is about to enjoy a super led recovery as hundreds of remote community residents withdraw $10,000 each with another $10,000 to come.
Council offices in remote communities are being overrun with requests.
They will be buying cars and then goods and services.

Masters Games this October, not 2022: Lambley
Great idea Robyn and to make sure we don’t get interstate visitors gate crashing the games before the borders are open we can ask the Joint Defence Base to patrol with drones.
Armed with Hellfire missiles, of course. Just in case.

Library no go for unaccompanied Alice teens
@ Anon agree 100% this exclusion is arguably racial based.
What timing!
This has the potential to go national and damage the image and reputation of our town.
Can you see the headline “Aboriginal youth excluded …”
The last thing our tourist industry needs now is any hint of racial discrimination.
Once again the council has made a poor decision.
Had this gone to a formal meeting it would surely have been opposed.
We have the traffic lights stuff up, making a suburban street a no standing zone and other operational decisions that show a lack of judgement.

Thinking big, anyone?
Capital expenditure (CAPEX) at $55 billion and the jobs number at 75,000.
The jobs number would be in the construction stage only.
The CAPEX is huge.
Much more realistic is the mining project up the road at Mt Peake with processing in Darwin.
CAPEX is about $800m.
1000 jobs in the construction phase and ongoing work for more than 300.
Training and jobs for Aboriginal people as part of the land use agreement worked out with the CLC.
Just about all the development work and approvals are complete.

Country Liberal Party: custodians ignored on gallery
@ Alex Nelson. It’s their art, their culture, so if the custodians and TOs stump up the $50m I agree they should be the primary authority on this matter.

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