Jacinta is just setting herself up to run for the …

Comment on Price wants council to do better than basics by Desert Rat.

Jacinta is just setting herself up to run for the CLP at the next General Election or if there is a by-election during the next term of the NT Legislative Assembly.

Recent Comments by Desert Rat

Centralian Citizen of the Year ‘sells the message’ on Alice
Andrea Mason for Mayor I reckon! A breath of fresh air and a dignified and sensible approach to issues in Alice Springs and Central Australia.

Town camp review to have broad scope
Unless Minister Price and the CLP build new homes (no new homes built in Town Camps by this wonderful Minister over the last four years) then the overcrowding will continue to put pressure on the families and wear and tear on these houses.
Maybe Minister Price and the CLP should start putting families into all the vacant public housing homes in Alice Springs that have been vacant for years instead of selling them off.
As the old saying goes “don’t listen to what they say, look at what they do”!

Time server Conlan gets government junket to Germany
The worst Member for Greatorex ever! Will be interesting to see how long he hangs around Alice Springs for after the election.

Giles puts Aboriginal job schemes on hold
Adam Giles should have been at the briefing on this policy in Alice Springs last week (he was in town on that day) as a local member and the Chief Minister. His non presence shows a lack of leadership and passion for this policy and indigenous economic development.
A big backflip!

Eagle and Crow: Andrew Spencer Japaljarri
RIP Japaljarri. A strong leader who will always be remembered and respected.

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