For those who are concerned about this idea of spending …

Comment on Price wants council to do better than basics by Jacinta Price.

For those who are concerned about this idea of spending more money and increasing rates, as Steve has pointed out, I am not interested in raising rates but I am interested in looking at ways of spending money more wisely. I do not claim to have all answers but I am willing to learn what it takes to better serve this community.
@ Desert Rat: If elected I plan to see through my full term and beyond without unnecessarily costing rate payers money and time.
Thanks to all others for your support.

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Price wants council to do better than basics
@ Peter still banging on about me being Indigenous I see? Do you have an issue with the fact that I am?
I have received the same assistance that any person black, white or brindle is entitled to receive with regard to business start up, which by the way is very little and besides this the rest is of my own hard work.
This is exactly why I am standing for what I stand for! Opportunity for all to prosper! Now I ask you this, do you not think it possible for an Aboriginal woman to prosper of her own accord? Am I smashing a stereotype or belief you hold?

Price wants council to do better than basics
@ Fred The Philistine: Unless you are actually Peter I wasn’t directing any comments toward you with regard to nationality and if you’d understood where I am coming from then you’d have understood that my plan all along has been to listen but not just to those who have the loudest voices like yourself, but to everyone.
I would also encourage those who feel they are voiceless to speak up. You would also realise I support industry but I support the fact that we all need to be involved, we all need to contribute and we all need to feel part of this community.
You appear to value yourself and your ideals over others because you are a ratepayer but a ratepayer with tunnel vision and perhaps my attitude is too liberal for your thinking. I only take on board criticism if it is in fact constructive as anyone with any intelligence would do. Thanks, Fred, we all must learn to listen.

Price wants council to do better than basics
I find it fascinating that those who speak with pseudos or just first names lack the bravery to be transparent in public and speak as who they truly are.
We who put ourselves out there in the face of your criticism are actively doing what we can to contribute to this community we love.
Why is it that you, Fred the Philistine, or any of those who are part of your minority group of pessimists are not putting your hands up to stand if what you say is in fact true?
I have never and will never use a pseudo as I don’t have some other underlying agenda, what you see is what you get, like it or not.
Next time I suggest you throw your hat in the ring, practice what you preach and let the community decide whether you are worthy.
In fact anyone here who has nothing but criticism to offer please humble us with your answers and tell us how you would better do things. Perhaps give us an idea of your expertise?
If I am elected and you in fact have anything constructive to contribute I may just well take it into consideration as a councillor.
Oh, and @ Peter, please don’t patronise me with your comments about better placing my ambitions as a strong Aboriginal women, we don’t all belong in Aboriginal organisations because we are Aboriginal and as I’ve explained I don’t take advice from those not willing to reveal their true selves.
And I am already busy successfully running my own business, did you not read the article?

Recent Comments by Jacinta Price

Alice councillor tells nation’s media about Aboriginal brutality
@ Peter: This really is getting ridiculous and must be boring for the readers.
I speak out on the killing of women and children and Peter turns it into an ongoing attack on my mother’s reputation.
I invite you to a face to face discussion, Peter, over coffee if you like. I am sick of this patronising nonsense.
I will reply to two of your questions and that will be the end of it.
My mother made the point that life is so bad for some of our young people that some families are relieved when they are incarcerated because their lives are no longer in danger.
We have had requests from families close to us who have asked us to let the police know where some of their young people are when there is a warrant out for their arrest because their lives are in direct danger.
In one case it was a young woman they were worried about. That is a matter of fact and not opinion. For some young Aboriginal people they are much safer in jail than in town on the grog.
They always come back home healthier and fitter after a short sentence getting regular meals and exercise.
Political opponents turn that into “Bess Price wants to lock up all our young people”. That is exactly the sort of smearing that I am talking about.
Hers was a call for help. We have to do something about the lives our young people are leading to keep them alive and OUT OF JAIL.
As for the White Gate situation: Minister Price was carrying through with a process begun by Minister Anderson.
We witnessed Alison Anderson’s crocodile tears at the protest outside her office with you.
She teared up when talking about what was happening to the residents of White Gate. When she was Minister she ordered the closing down of the makeshift camp but of course, as is her style, spat the dummy and resigned rather than face the consequences of what she had done.
The three residents had access to an outstation to the east of White Gate or alternatively to new public housing in town.
The water supply was ad hoc, illegal and definitely unsafe.
Despite what was said by the protestors we could hear how unsafe it could be from my parents place in Kurrajong Dr when the wind was blowing the right way.
My mother was obliged by law to shut it down.
There are strong connections between our family and the Hayes family and my mother offered on several occasions to talk directly to the residents who instead of following Aboriginal protocol opted for megaphone diplomacy under the advice of people like yourself, the protestors.
We were getting advice from several Aboriginal people, including some in senior positions in organisations telling us off the record that my mother was doing the right thing.
Too often those who know what needs to be done are too afraid to make their views public because they will be vilified, maligned and even physically attacked.
Or told by white protestors what we really should be thinking and saying because they know us better than we know ourselves.
I have been threatened with death by an “activist”, maligned in obscene sexist and racist language by an indigenous gay activist and told that “I’m on notice” by Walter Shaw, whatever that means.
While my mother was a minister her sister was murdered on a town camp and two of my closest cousins died from a combination of alcohol abuse and violence.
Where were the protestors shouting through their megaphones? Not a peep.
Where were the activists? Not a peep.
Where were the politicians crying into their microphones? Same thing.
Unless logic can be twisted to make a problem the fault of government or of white Australians you won’t hear from any of them.
But my offer still stands. Man up, chat over coffee and you can tell me what my mother was really up to, how my culture really works, what I should think and say and what Aboriginal people really think and I can tell you a few things about patronising, arrogant lefty protestors who try to use us for their own agendas.
You might find it surprising but I have advocated against domestic violence long before I had access to a national audience and you implying I am using the deaths of my family, the countless funerals I have attended, the occasions I have had to ID my families deceased bodies, the times I have had to settle and comfort distraught children and babies traumatised by domestic violence as a means to further a political career is an utter and inexcusable insult and that goes for Walter Shaw attempting to insinuate the same.

Alice councillor tells nation’s media about Aboriginal brutality
@ Peter: Now you’re starting to sound like Karl Hampton. He too holds an enormous chip on his shoulder for my mother but then you could be anyone hiding behind your anonymity.
I could sit here and waste my time reading your twisted points delivered by a man intended to shoot down my mother and me, both Aboriginal women who continue to work hard for our people but it would be energy waisted on a coward.
You say you don’t know of a smear campaign which is either a lie or just blind arrogance but there are the women and good men in many communities who know plenty about it.
You yourself have nothing to offer in terms of this incredibly pressing issue regarding the lives of Aboriginal women and children.
My mother and I continue to work to address this issue and that’s something you failed to mention about my mother, the work she has done for her people before, during and even now after her term in Government.
I mean really if you’re not trying to silence us then all you are interested in is attacking us and for what purpose? This isn’t a game mate, it’s not all about winning, it’s about saving the lives of Aboriginal women and children.
Clearly you aren’t interested in that! Good luck with your chip, I’m done.

Alice councillor tells nation’s media about Aboriginal brutality
@ Peter: Firstly cowards hide behind pseudonyms.
A white man just won the presidential elections in the US. Let’s see what he and Scott McConnell do for marginalised women and children.
In my mother’s case however she had a smear campaign run against her in the bush in the lead-up to the election. How do I know?
I know because I was told by people on the ground in five different communities. My speech addressing family violence that I had given at the Centre for Independent Studies was played to Aboriginal men in these communities.
They were told that my mother wanted to lock all Aboriginal men up and bring an end to Aboriginal Law.
They also said she would close all bottle shops to appeal to their need for grog rather than their concern for their people let alone the fact that their women and children are being killed or abused.
As Mark Lockyer below can confirm they also promised Labor would take the police away from bottle shops.
Women were told that if they wanted to vote for her they shouldn’t vote at all.
Around half of those eligible in the electorate didn’t vote. Last week a Labor Minister I had spoken to acknowledged the disgraceful way in which her colleague gained the votes he needed to win the seat of Stuart.
But that’s politics in the NT, that’s how it works. Alison Anderson was out there campaigning hard for Labor.
Tell me what she achieved for women and kids in her three terms in Parliament or Karl Hampton in his two terms.
I have worked for the advancement of young women and kids all of my working life.
I am happy to be judged on that record. I intend to keep that work going at the grass roots level. I am a citizen of this country with the same rights as anybody else to express my opinion regardless of who wins or loses an election.
And it will take more than an anonymous Labor troll to silence an Aboriginal woman like me. Plenty have tried before.

Alice councillor tells nation’s media about Aboriginal brutality
@ Walter Shaw: Tell me, are you threatening me by telling me I have been put on notice?
I have had death threats so you are going to have to do better than that to scare me. What is your problem? That I know how to speak the truth?
What are your solutions for the epidemic killing our women and abusing our kids? For someone who runs a multi million dollar organisation that is expected to find solutions to this problem you haven’t told us what your solutions are. Why don’t we hear from you when my family die in your town camps? How are you going to stop the killings in town camps?
I am proud to be Warlpiri because my grandparents taught me how to be self-reliant. My grandfather never lifted a finger to my grandmother and he would be turning in his grave to learn of the current circumstances.
My grandfather lived through the Coniston Masacre and never hated white people like you appear to.
I am trying to create the understanding that we as Aboriginal people can take ownership for our problems and fix them ourselves without having to go to the government with our hand out, expecting them to fix OUR problems. Come up with something intelligent like a solution instead of a threat.
@ Steve Dean: Why don’t you ask Walter Shaw how much he earns and why he takes up housing in a town camp on his salary when so many in need of public housing are missing out?

Mother, daughter, rise in mainstream politics
Alderman Sandy Taylor was the first Aboriginal woman to become an Alice Springs Town Councillor. I am the second and certainly not the last!

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