Steve: Maybe my previous post was slightly harsh but if …

Comment on Price wants council to do better than basics by Dave.

Steve: Maybe my previous post was slightly harsh but if things go up such as power expenses, payroll expenses and the like go down.
Governments and businesses have done this before, it is not new. I ask why the council didn’t do this and don’t really want to meet about it, I am just making a point on a forum.
BTW, I also get that you to have agreement of the council to get things done. So getting some sometimes isn’t that simple, perhaps my post was and is directed at the whole council.

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Price wants council to do better than basics
Steve: We don’t have to discuss the rates. What’s the point, they won’t go up.
Everything goes up but 6% a year doesn’t usually happen in the real world.
Long council discussions were held but the rates go up and of course you still get paid.
The council can set its own increase and is not exposed to the commercial reality like most businesses as price increases lose customers.
Well, hang on you may lose customers – doesn’t matter, just increase the rates to the existing ratepayers to cover the shortfall.

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Price, deBrenni likely new councilors
Bob, given Steve is Deputy Mayor it is a conflict. Say Damien Ryan told everyone to go and vote for Jason Quin on the front page of the newspaper that would also be a conflict.

Price, deBrenni likely new councilors
I heard that Steve Brown, Deputy Major, was handing out how to vote cards for one of the candidates. I would have thought this would be a conflict of interest.

Empty Mall shops price war, new IGA likely
The town isn’t dying, it’s just moving with the world. Strip shopping and malls are being replaced by the internet, warehousing and logistic businesses – note the post office has expanded.

Centrecorp not on Minister Scullion’s radar
The link to a government report is below, and just for the record Congress and Tangentyere whilst shareholders do Centrecorp do exist for the benefit of Aboriginal people.

Council rates to rise 6% if budget draft is adopted
Rates have gone up 17% in last three years, probably the same percentage as the decline in population.
Looks like they are trying to balance the books.

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