@ Fred the Philistine: If, if, if. If my auntie …

Comment on Price wants council to do better than basics by Evelyne Roullet.

@ Fred the Philistine: If, if, if. If my auntie had balls, I would call her uncle.
Right now, what stands between you and great visions is your philosophy of life, your attitude and your inability to take action.

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Price wants council to do better than basics
@ Peter, Posted October 9, 2015 at 7:21 am
Quote: “Jacinta, regarding your successful business, what assistance have you received on the basis of being Indigenous.”
All those born in Australia are “indigenous Australians”.
Oxford Dictionary: Originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native.
Origin of the word: Mid 17th century from Latin indigena “a native”.

Price wants council to do better than basics
@ Fred the Philistine: Have you put your hand up for Saturday elections? It does not mean that you have to love the seven candidates, but we should show respect to them for offering to work for the town.
As for the rates in Alice Springs, they are not much different than in other parts of Australia. I am certain that the council aims to keep the increase in rates to a minimum in order to lessen any impact on ratepayers, but at the same time generate enough income to provide adequate levels of service that the people of the town expect.

Price wants council to do better than basics
@ Steve: Could we ask the candidates to tell us if they intend to put their candidature for the next Northern Territory general election scheduled for 27 August 2016?

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COVID-19 infected is Harts Range police officer
Thank you Dave, your answer reinforces my opinion: They knew the rules of isolation, therefore should have started it when they arrived, at Yulara village where there is police station and medical clinic.

COVID-19 infected is Harts Range police officer
@ Dave: “He indicated their daughter stocked their pantry prior to their arrival in Harts Range.” Good, but I cannot help myself wondering why the daughter did not stay to welcome them back?

Do what I do: a lesson for the government, police
Hal Duell, I am with you on this: Coming from Europe this couple should have gone to community health services at Yulara to take advice or quarantine themselves.
Any locals will know than you cannot go from Yulara airport to Harts Range without refuelling and having a break along the way.

COVID-19 news: Quarantine requirement ignored
All information/warnings/updates are given by electronic media. The people who needs the most to hear it do not go on the internet. We have to put town criers on back of cars with megaphones: isolate/stay home/ wash yours hands etc….A town crier, also called a bellman, is an officer of a royal court or public authority who makes public pronouncements as required.

COVID-19 ‘ignorance’ as large crowd attacks police
Something has to be done and fast, to stop Aborigines walking in family groups on the footpaths and parks.
How can you tell your children they cannot go to the parks when they see other kids doing it?
This is not a racist comment as I still give water like usually to the old women coming regularly to my gate, but they are not a group: one only comes to the gate and keeps the required distance.

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