Fracking with our water supply? By-election could make difference



Sir – The upcoming town council by-election could lead to a change of council position on the new and controversial form of shale gas fracking.


Many of the candidates are responding positively to a short survey that asked if they would work to protect the Alice Springs’ drinking water supply from shale gas fracking.


Last April, a motion to support a moratorium (pause) on fracking was narrowly defeated at a council meeting, four votes to three.


We took it upon ourselves to find out where all our candidates stand on shale gas fracking, so that we as voters can be better informed.


It’s heartening to see most candidates want to protect our water and community from shale gas fracking for at least the next five years.


However, it is not clear where Caroline Phelps, Jamie de Brenni or Jacinta Price stand on fracking. We hope to find out more before the vote next weekend.


I certainly hope that we can have a commonsense outcome for Alice Springs, where our drinking water catchment is protected from being punctured with hundreds of risky fracked shale gas wells.


Across Australia, 68 local councils have already passed motions for a ban or pause on all unconventional gas fracking due to community concerns about the impacts.


Tanya Hall

Central Australian Frack Free Alliance

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Erwin Chlanda, Editor

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  1. pagan
    Posted October 4, 2015 at 8:16 am

    Our water supply which I understand comes from the artesian basin.
    A reason why Alice Springs is here.
    If this is fracked and cracked, our water supply will be no more.
    No more Alice Springs.

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