Then get off your backsides and HAVE some policies. All …

Comment on 1 Territory party pledges to be a force by 1 what?.

Then get off your backsides and HAVE some policies. All you have done on your facebook site is to ask other people what it is you should stand for.
And … stop bleating about fracking because that is a Greens issue. Fracking has been around for decades and has caused minimal disruption. You fail to tell voters how else are they going to cook and heat their homes? Well – answer it!
There is also another process replacing fracking and that is microwaving, which is even less disruptive. Why don’t you comment on microwaving? I know you’ve heard of it, a friend of mine emailed you the scientific information.
So you are going to award contracts to fellow Territorians ahead of cheaper interstate tenders. Will you be paying them with my money or yours?
Then your criticism of the Country Liberals really just doesn’t ring true. You WERE the Country Liberals until a few weeks ago and were part of the policy making you suddenly oppose.
If some of you hadn’t been dumped by your own party, you’d be out there on the hustings handing out how to vote card for the Country Liberals.
Finally, are you all related to Delia Lawrie or is there something about rejection in general that causes some people to go off and form “new” political parties or turn – ha! ha! – Independent.
How long must I serve in jail for not voting at this next election, or would I get away with it by listing my new address as Mars?

Recent Comments by 1 what?

Price, deBrenni likely new councilors
@ Jimmy Cocking and @ Dave:
Cocking promoting Jason Quin on his Facebook site while castigating Steve Brown for promoting his choice of candidate:
Need to cover your tracks better than that Sunshine – as my copper uncle used to say.

Incarceration of the young: where to from here?
Great journalism Erwin!
Like a lot of other “protesters” they can’t answer the hard questions and in fact seem to have no idea about the dire straights of the genuinely incarcerated.
There are a number of similar organisations (I was once a financial supporter of Amnesty International) who have lost their traditional membership and support base and gone feral.
The real tragedy is that the current model of AI make it possible for the tyrants of the world to continue to imprison and torture. Amnesty International lost credibility and therefore clout a long time ago.

Council candidates wrap up campaign
Listen up – fracking is NOT a council issue.
Microwaving (a less invasive procedure) is set to replace fracking for gas extraction.
Having said that – Green and Labor – explain to me exactly how you plan to provide gas to users if you were to be in government?
Well? Listening? Waiting? Answer the question!

ALEC digging in, setting up community centre in the Gap
I’ve supported conservation and land care forever, unfortunately, conservation “issues” and aboriginal “rights” have shown us the phoney side of “conservationism”.
I believe I have a lot offer real conservation organisations, but with the only criteria accepted these days with organisations like ALEC is that I must:
• Hate Tony Abbott
• Hate the mining industry
• Hate Australian farmers
• Love the lefties version of Aboriginality
• Love animal rights provided this does not extend to the starving dogs on Aboriginal communities.
• Love the Greens / Labor parties
Well, I’m pleased funding has been removed from ALEC, now let’s see it being spent on the real land care issues facing our country. I will then offer my services.

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