Feel free to make contact, Sean. Very happy to expand …

Comment on 1 Territory party pledges to be a force by Phil Walcott.

Feel free to make contact, Sean. Very happy to expand on these positions. Maybe you could organise an afternoon tea at your place with several of your friends to give me an opportunity to explain my position. I can bring cake!

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1 Territory party pledges to be a force
@ Bob Durnan and @Interested: Thanks for your encouraging comments. I’m enjoying the possibilities that becoming the next Member for Braitling affords. Through consultation with those in the electorate, I’m seeking to represent their ideas for helping to grow the town and region confidently into the future in a balanced and measured manner.
A major element that I’ve come to appreciate over the past 22 years living here, is the vibrant essence of the people who choose to call The Alice home.
By engaging such people in the process, I’m wanting to learn as much as I can about issues that are important to them. Together, we can achieve so much. Along with two other Independent candidates who will be contesting electorates in the Top End, we want to contribute to the dedication and direction of the five incumbent Independent Members already elected in helping to create a new, proactive and sustainable focus for all Territorians.
My thanks again for your encouraging words. Looking forward to listening to your views and sharing some of mine as we all grow forward.

1 Territory party pledges to be a force
@ Russell Guy. My apologies for the delay in getting to your question. In a healthy and robust community, our aging population must be given due consideration. The collective knowledge and wisdom that older Territorians possess become the gifts and legacies for our younger cohort. If we want to keep aging Territorians living here, we need to consider carefully what it is THEY see as important.
I had the opportunity last Wednesday to attend a Human Rights Commission consultation on aging and employment discrimination.
The energetic conversation and discussion that ensued included job-sharing (partnerships), mentoring by older workers of younger colleagues, transition programs (e.g. trades professions into less demanding physical work over time), the national ReStart Program, incentivising programs and other ideas that build upon our social capital.
Four staff members from the commission were guided by a group already engaged in contributing to our community in both paid and volunteer capacities.
The collective wisdom and creative ideas were great to listen to for well over an hour. The contributions of this caliber only develop with time. With each breath, we all learn more about how the world ticks.
With regard to specific seniors policies (for people no longer wishing or able to be in paid employment), we already have a number of groups that cater for the over 50s cohort (including the community centre at Snow Kenna Park).
We need to strengthen those capacities, provide people with financial discounts on their utility bills, reintroduce a flat daily rate for bus travel around town, offer opportunities for people to volunteer in schools and the hospital etc.
I saw a clip over the weekend of a pre-school group who attended a retirement village in the United States where all engaged in making, doing and being together.
There’s lots of opportunities to explore and expand upon and I’d be very happy to hear of some of your ideas around this sector. Please feel free to make contact.

1 Territory party pledges to be a force
Feel free to ask me about the essence of the policy positions, Steve.
Very happy to elaborate with people who are keen to learn.
I will be spelling out the context of these policies over the course of the next nine months to the people of Braitling as I engage them on their doorsteps, in the streets, over the ‘phone or via mainstream and social media.
Conservative opposition is a typical tactic with no real solutions being offered. Thanks for reading. I look forward to discussing these and other issues with you over time. What are YOUR policy positions with regard to advancing Alice Springs into the future?

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Real young people, not the faceless offender
@ Psuedo Guru. Discipline comes from within; not imposed. That’s called punishment.
@ The Gongoozler. “Normal” is a relative concept. What may be “normal” to you may not be to someone else.

Former Alice youth advocate gets Oz Day honour
Huge congratulations on an award so very much deserved, Bernie. May your good work keep flowing long into the future.

Real young people, not the faceless offender
Great story shared, Rainer. You have inherited your mother’s gift for writing with passion and conviction.

Thanks for inviting us readers in for a glimpse of how being ‘on country’ can be so empowering for young Aboriginal people. A connection to culture that is sorely missing in the constructed, urban environment. Aboriginal people clearly see and experience the world through a different lens to that of the ‘coloniser’.

You are a young man with huge reference to humanity and cultural well-being. You are clearly an integral part of the positive future solutions for the young people with whom you work.

Congratulations for your insight, understanding and enlightening stories.

I’ll share this through the social media networks available on this site. Would you mind if I also added this story to my www.yesnt.org page and the YES Facebook pages?

Country, people, cultures come together to heal a sick man
So many thanks for your wonderful tribute to Dave Nixon, Kieran.

It’s been my great pleasure and honour to have known Dave over many of the 26 years I’ve been here in Alice. His passion for life and joy is evidenced in all that he achieves. He epitomises what it is to be creative and generous in spirit and time. His love for this country and his passion for story-telling are so enmeshed in his very nature.

Along with his many friends and loving family, I too wish to acknowledge and pay tribute to Dave for all I have learned from him and all that he has contributed to my life journey. For that, I will be eternally grateful.

Online hate speech by leading tourism figure
www.yesnt.org Check it out. There are answers. We just have to be brave enough to explore them.

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