Is anyone else scared? Steve Brown politics and the right …

Comment on 1 Territory party pledges to be a force by Frank Bennett.

Is anyone else scared? Steve Brown politics and the right faction of council is about to control the balance of power that was previously out of their reach. How did this happen?!
@ Steve: How many more public assets or strategic infrastructure do well sell off or out before we have no Territory for God to save?
All I can say is “God help us as Australians” if Steve Brown’s leering comment about the recent council results are an indicator of the public’s support for the Giles CLP’s simplistic (often moronic) vision for developing the North of this nation.
Seriously, why do we continue to tolerate this type of BS? We all know the current CLP is the most laughable excuse for organised governance that this country has seen since Joh Bjelke-Peterson’s reign in Queensland.
Wake up Alice Springs! Wake up the Territory! Let the Steve Brown’s of this world keep talking this rubbish and the next thing you know the Territory will be too far gone to fix!
Hurry up One Territory! Hurry up Labor! Hurry up Greens! Hurry up independents! Someone bring Frodo!

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1 Territory party pledges to be a force
Such a lacklustre reply Steve! LOL!
Why not try answering the questions put to you about the gross failings of this CLP Territory Government and talk about what we can expect from a CLP aligned Council?
Where do you stand on the using money from public asset sell offs to fund risky infrastructure projects that create division and disharmony in the community?
This is the type of dodgy pork barrel politics that anyone with a modicum of credibility would fight to keep out of the system! Rather you are the leader of the cheer squad!
“Envy and bitterness?” LOL! Sounds like the traits of someone with a lust for power to me! God protect us from these types of people should they be given a chance to wield power for real!
And your comedic description of “lefties and conservatives working together”! LOLOL! To top that Steve you would need to think about running a Mayoral campaign: “Steve Brown for Mayor: Bringing the community together!”
All I can say to that is “Surely heaven would forbid!” Let all of us who care about the beauty and diversity of this fair maiden town called Alice NOT WAIT AROUND with BATED BREATH!
So I repeat: Wake up Alice Springs! Wake up the Territory! Let the Steve Browns of this world keep talking this rubbish and the next thing you know the Territory will be too far gone to fix!

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Council candidates wrap up campaign
Hi Frackless. Your contribution to the public discussion is really not worth responding to but as someone who cares about the health of others I really wouldn’t want you to be walking around with the delusion that you made an amazing unanswerable argument in the public debate about fracking.
No-one responded to your comment because you sound like a nutter who just wants to lump Green and Labor in the same basket. Take a closer look at the nuances of their policy.
If you really believe that fracking is not a whole of government issue that’s fine. Believe what you want. The CLP is always in need of simple-minded voters come election time.
P.s. Do tell us more about your microwave theories. What gas users are you talking about exactly?
Oh, and why do you think the Territory should be throwing money made from SELLING OFF PUBLIC ASSETS to support this divisive industry supported by only a small section of our community?

Council candidates wrap up campaign
It seems there was some delay in the publishing of my last comment and the publishing of Daniel Davis’s comment.
Some of my statements may seem out of context given that I did not have access to the latest information provided by Daniel.
Thanks for the reply Daniel. Great to see an attempt at transparency however it seems to me that the CLP don’t mind things murky when it suits them.
Calling out the Greens as being “the only party to run candidates” is a cheap shot.
If a bird quacks like a duck, waddles like a duck and swims like a duck, why not just call it a duck?
As we Territorians face off with an unelected Chief Minister who is selling off public assets and spending the cash on infrastructure that most of us don’t want, we deserve to know who is backing this risky spending of taxpayer money with no mandate.

Council candidates wrap up campaign
@ Janice: I am not a fan of the CLP. Unless there is a MAJOR change in their current policies and leadership, they need to be THROWN OUT COMPLETELY. Their policies are taking the Territory BACKWARD and the few beneficiaries are mates, party hacks and industries that will take the lion’s share of the people’s wealth out of the Territory.
We need to STOP allowing this type of PISS POOR governance before more damage can be done. We DO NOT need more of these types of CLP cronies voted in!
@ others reading this thread: Take a look at what has happened here. All comments supporting the CLP and their strategies were either silly attempts to hide the obvious links to the party or more jobs and business hot air. Use of the word transparency is barely worth mentioning (except for a laugh).
For the sensible among us how long are we going to tolerate this dismal state of affairs?
For those who still vote and believe the CLP has a future, how long are you going to let them treat the rest of us like a bunch of idiots?
Good on the Labor and Greens candidates for being honest about their affiliations.
Good on Jacinta Price for being honest about running as a candidate with the CLP. Perhaps you are the change the CLP needs.
Now be honest with us regarding your position on fracking, high rise apartment towers and all the rest of the current CLP’s rotten agenda. Who knows, play the politics right and you might be a contender as a future Chief Minister.

Council candidates wrap up campaign
Daniel, do take your time – but when you answer, can you also please make your own political affiliations clear when you next comment? Aren’t you the local CLP #1 chief strategist? Please clarify for us all.
If you could answer before tomorrow that would be appreciated.
Alice Springs voters are well within their rights to ask the people they vote for to NOT treat them like idiots.
We have seen what a shambles CLP-aligned politicians have been across the Territory – including the aspiring would-bes who presently sit on the current council.

Council candidates wrap up campaign
Hi Daniel, thanks for your contribution.
So do us all a favour and tell us simply: Are Jamie De Brenni or Jacinta Price or anyone else CLP members?
Voters should know this so as to make up our minds about the truth behind the rhetorical commentaries and our town’s media reporting.

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