@ Frank: You sound passionate and frustrated – like many …

Comment on 1 Territory party pledges to be a force by David S.

@ Frank: You sound passionate and frustrated – like many of us Territorians are. But do you think jumping in the ring and going a few rounds with the likes of Steve Brown is going to do much to help the Territory in its current leadership and governance crisis?
Anyone out there who wants to be a part of something new, and to tackle the challenges of the Territory in an intelligent and respectful way, why not sign up to One Territory and help be part of the change?
Only with a broad based engagement with the community can we get the support needed to ultimately challenge the status quo! Only 1Territory will make sure the likes of an ICAC will go the full distance!
Thank you to Braedon and the team for giving us a real choice at the next election.

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Where did you get the $20m figure from Jason? Michael Gorey did a report in another Territory publication and he advised it is $10m.

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