He is their creation


Be afraid, be very afraid.


Well, not really. Laughter is the more likely reaction than horror as Young Frankenstein gets his act together with a lot of help from the monsters created by his grandfather.


A cast of 25 brings the Mel Brooks parody to the Totem Stage as the Alice Springs Theater Group breathes new life into the historic corrugated iron theatre, around half a century old.


Publicist Laurie May says this is only the second play in eight years but smaller gigs – cabarets (occasionally), The Dirty Word (monthly poetry) and Nearly Everything Goes (every three to six months) put the 150 or so members on stage and the audience in stitches.


Their AGM is on Sunday and Frankenstein next month. Give the telly a night off and see the real thing.


PHOTO: Young Frankenstein rehearsal on Saturday. Left to right: Scott Fraser as Frederick Frankenstein, Eileen Kirkby as Frau Blucher, Ben Ziekel as The Monster, Chris Cook as Inspector Kemp, Steve Kidd as Igor, along with the ensemble.






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